Gainesville man charged with human trafficking for trying to buy infants


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Malcolm Emond Ford, 22, was arrested on Friday and charged with two counts of human trafficking for allegedly attempting to buy a 6-month-old and 2-year-old for sex.

The case began with a CyberTip from the Internet Crimes Against Children data system that a person was trying to purchase a child for $15,000 on two different platforms. Two tips were submitted from Meetme.com, and two tips came from Grindr. The reported conversations, which occurred in July of 2022, showed the account holder looking for a “baby girl” and offering to send money to anyone who would provide the baby. When one person said the baby was “20,” the account holder said, “Look for a new born…” Another person said they had a 6-month-old, but when the account holder asked the person to take off the baby’s clothes, the person refused and said they were going to report him to law enforcement.

In another conversation, an account holder on a different platform offered $15,000 for a baby girl and gave a Gainesville address for the delivery of the child. Again, the account holder made demands that things be done to the baby, and the other account refused and said they were going to report him.

The IP address associated with the accounts in question was traced to the same address given in the conversation; Ford lives at that address with a few other people, and his picture matched the picture on the accounts involved in the above conversations.

Detectives made contact with Ford and post Miranda, Ford reportedly said he attempted to purchase a 2-year-old child and a 6-month-old. At first, he reportedly said he wanted to “keep and raise the child,” but he later admitted to wanting the children for sex.

Ford has been charged with two counts of human trafficking on a person under 18 years of age and two counts of unlawful use of a two-way communications device. He has no criminal history and is being held on $150,000 bail.

Articles about arrests are based on reports from law enforcement agencies. The charges listed are taken from the arrest report and/or court records and are only accusations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

  • Hum, there needs to be a clearing of his mind in the near future. Plus he admitted it. Cant make up that evil.

  • This person doesn’t deserve to breath air or see the light of day again.

  • Does Gainesville have a disproportiantely high number of this evil people?

  • So where are these ppl that offered the children in the first place ??? Everyone is wrong smh

  • Please lock this monster up underneath the prison. Sickening & just pure evil.

  • If he’s got the money to pay to buy little baby girls, why does the judge think he won’t be able to get the money together to post bond?
    $150 K does not seem nearly enough.
    I’m starting to think that Soros has his tentacles in our local criminal justice system too…

  • He’s very sick…it brings to mind the concept of gender identity and the lbgqtxyz community and where do we draw the line…We had the recent story of that basketball coach assaulting his juvenile students and teachers thinking it’s ok to teach gender identity and masturbation and sex acts to elementary public school kids. Pedophilia and the indoctrination of
    Queerdom in public schools is still taboo and it’s not an acceptable and normal behavior. It’s an abomination.
    The exploitation of “Bink” in a recent story is sick too. Recent talk of legislation about changing a child’s sex with hormones & surgery
    is prudent until the subject exits puberty and is at least 18. Why all of a sudden all the problems with sexual identity? Are estrogen producing plastic bottles causing hormonal changes? Is it something in our environment or is this learned behavior?

  • You will never be able to fix this weirdo but they will try and say he is rehabilitated And back on the streets he goes

  • When will these – people learn that they have officials watching for this behavior on Facebook etc., talking about children sexually,touching them, pictures in their posting will surely land you in jail,AS IT SHOULD!

  • Sad 😥 disturbing sadness. Caught for now;;; before a kidnapping might be next on his mind. Prevention🔞 is an essential at this case. 🚫🕸🕷

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