Gainesville man charged with raping 15-year-old he met on Snapchat


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Shawn Radell Nunn, Jr., 20, was arrested yesterday and charged with three counts of sexual assault on a 15-year-old girl and one count of lewd and lascivious molestation on a victim under 16.

The victim told Alachua County Sheriff’s Officer on March 2, 2022, that she had been a victim of sexual battery. She said she had met a man named “Shawn” on Snapchat but didn’t know his last name. She gave detectives some possibilities for last names, and after detectives did some research, they found Nunn, who resembled a photo provided by the victim. The victim positively identified Nunn in a double-blind photo lineup.

The victim told investigators that she began chatting with Nunn on Snapchat in late 2020 and that he was supportive of her when she was going through a hard time and needed support. She said they first met in person in March of 2021 when Nunn asked her to meet him at a park near her house. She reportedly said he raped her during that first encounter, but she continued to talk with him after that incident because she wasn’t sure how to respond to what had happened. She met him at the park a second time, and she said he raped her again, although she asked him to stop. She said she saw him a few times after that because she was afraid he would harm her if she did not do what he said.

Post Miranda, Nunn reportedly confirmed that he knew the victim and had met her a few times to have sex. Although he once picked her up near her high school, he claimed that he didn’t know she was 15 years old at the time.

Nunn was arrested in November of 2019 for battery, and on August 24, 2020, he entered into a deferred prosecution agreement that led to the charges being dropped after six months of not being arrested. The agreement was successfully completed in February of 2021, just before the alleged rape. He was arrested in December of 2021 for carrying a concealed firearm without a permit after an altercation with two people who reported that they saw the gun when he took it out of his pocket to put it into his car. He entered into another 6-month deferred prosecution agreement and successfully completed it. Due to the successfully completed deferred prosecution agreements, he has no criminal record. Nunn is being held on $110,000 bail.

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    • what do you know from a short article? please tell me what you know about ptsd or trauma responses. she was 15, he was an adult. there’s no justification to that.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if she sues Snapchat, the city for not providing better security at the park, etc. Calling the police is the first step before trying to cash in.

    • I know the offender he 100% did it and should be in prison. if ur daughter gets raped you’re not gonna go around saying her story “fishy” think about what you saying for two seconds before u say it Smfh.

    • Shawn Radell Nunn is a known criminal from Buchholz high school and has been in our neighborhood crime watch since his early teens. It is sickening to see his actions being defended

  • I am not surprised as I grew up alongside this young man through high school. Sean had people looking for him before this..

  • The amount of girls who won’t get their justice is disgusting, if he met her in 2020 and was doing this when she was 13 god forbid the horrific stuff he’s done.

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