Gainesville man found guilty of robbery after pattern of crime since 1983

Press release from the State Attorney 8th Judicial Circuit

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – On Tuesday, November 8, 2022, Assistant State Attorney Britanee Prince led the prosecution team in State vs. Darrell Lavonne Chambers.

On August 13, 2020, The Gainesville Police Department arrested Darrell Chambers, dob 9/20/1963, following a robbery with a deadly weapon. Gainesville Police Officers responded to Winn Dixie Grocery Stores for a subject that routinely shoplifts in their store. Employees confronted Chambers and he produced a folding knife from his pants pocket, ordering the employees to move out of his way. After a two-day trial, an Alachua County Jury deliberated for over an hour and found Chambers guilty of robbery with a deadly weapon. Chambers’s first prison sentence was in 1984 for burglary and assault, and he has a dozen similar convictions.

The Honorable Judge Mark W. Moseley presided over the judicial proceeding. Chambers was sentenced to 15 years in the Florida Department of Corrections.

  • Only 15 years?? That crime is punishable by LIFE, and he has clearly earned a life sentence!!

    • I know, right?! But hey, accept the miracle of his 15 year sentence especially this being Alachua County.

  • 15 years which will likely turn out to be closer to 15 months….and….then back to his criminal ways.

    • Lou. He will have to 85% of the 15 years mandatory unless the law changes. They’ve been talking about reducing the 85 % the 65 % for a while now. It’ll probably not change now that thankfully we are a red state.

  • Disturbing🧔🏿 nearly 😳 entire life doing crimes,now the next 15 years prison…3 meals a day, medical,out of weather elements, 59years old….Disturbing gods little 😈demon 👿 .

  • Was he getting free section 8 rent from a lawyer-landlord, by chance? At any time over those years? Wanna bet?

    • Probably was paying his rent and light bill and I’m out doing what’s right working on a legitimate job and I can’t even get help they’d rather help people who don’t want help and I bet he got a check

  • He chose to be a criminal. Now he has to deal with his fate. But some of the comments sound racist

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