Gainesville man killed in I-75 crash in Marion County

Staff report

OCALA, Fla. – A 27-year-old Gainesville man was killed today when his car hit a disabled semi that was stopped on the outside emergency shoulder of I-75.

According to a release from the Florida Highway Patrol, at about 4:05 p.m., a disabled semi truck was stopped on the outside southbound emergency shoulder near mile marker 359 on I-75, and the Gainesville man was driving a sedan southbound.

For reasons still under investigation, the sedan traveled onto the emergency shoulder and hit the trailer of the semi. The driver of the sedan, who was wearing a seatbelt, was pronounced deceased at the scene. The driver of the semi was not injured in the crash.

  • People looking at their damn phones instead of what’s in front of them. Make Florida a hands free device state now.

    • Yours Truly — The truth of the matter is you don’t know what happened unless you were there and witnessed it. There’s no need to make judgmental statements. The person is dead.

      • He sure is dead, very sad and unfortunate. But these comment sections are a most appropriate platform for those who love to speculate like me.

    • Unfortunately that’s not going to help much. It’s already a “don’t text and drive” and people can’t drive out of their driveways before they start reading their e-mails or reading something.

      Enforce the current laws.

      • True. I love when the idiots at intersections, and you can see many in the residential neighborhoods from a 1/2 mile, sitting at stop signs…sitting…sitting – on their damn phones! Then they pull out in front of you when you’re 50 yards away from them.

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