Gainesville native releases first original song


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Gainesville native Daniel B. Rochelle, Jr., just released his first original song, The Declaration, under his artist name, D.Rochelle. It can be played for free on Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, and Apple Music (click links to play on each service).

Rochelle wrote the song in his garage while going through “a really tough time” over a decade ago. The song lifted him up through his mental health issues and struggles with guilt and shame. He says he wants to “unmask the stigma of mental health issues in the light and dark brown community by using art and self-expression.” Rochelle has a short YouTube video documentary explaining the song and the motivation behind it.

Rochelle says he hopes the song shows people that there is hope for the present and the future. He says our past, both good and bad, can be transformed into something beautiful and we should not hesitate to seek help when it’s needed. He personally credits the administration at the Florida Recovery Center for their expert care and professional services. He also thanks his church family at Crosspoint Church, led by Pastor Jason and April Garner.

The single was recorded at Black Bear Studios with Ryan Williams producing. The musicians include:

  • Bass Guitar: Ashley “Dump Truck” Wilkinson
  • Cellos: Mattias Impaneti, Nellie Eshleman
  • Electric Guitar: Scott “Skintyte” Free
  • French Horn/Arranger: Will Winter
  • Piano: Daniel Rochelle Jr
  • Trumpets: Ben Elgan
  • Violins: Aaron Colverson, Pamela Mireles, Tania Moldovan
  • Vocals: Bethany Garner, Christina Martin, Daniel Rochelle Jr

James Hardy did the cover artwork. It features Rochelle’s face combined with a lion. He says the lion represents both his struggles (like Daniel in the lion’s pit) and his salvation through Jesus, referred to as the Lion of the tribe of Judah in Revelation 5:5.

Rochelle was born and raised in Gainesville. He attended Glen Springs Elementary, Westwood Middle, and Gainesville High. He pays the bills by delivering packages, always with a smile, and is also the worship leader at Crosspoint Church.

He is working on more songs to be released soon. If you can’t wait, you may catch him performing with the worship team at Crosspoint Church in Gainesville.

  • Special thanks to Len Cabrera and everyone who supports this venture. Peace and love to you all. There’s more to come!


  • Great article. Thank you for publishing. Daniel is a wonderful person. He is always kind to me.

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