Gainesville Neighborhood Voices Invites Community to SPEAK OUT at 2:00 on Monday, October 17, on the steps of City Hall, prior to vote to eliminate single-family zoning

Photo courtesy GNVoices

Press release from Gainesville Neighborhood Voices, Inc.

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – On Monday, October 17, at 2:00 p.m., Gainesville Neighborhood Voices will host a “Speak Out” on the steps of City Hall, just before a 3:00 Special City Commission meeting.  At that meeting, it is anticipated that the City Commission, by a 4-3 vote, will eliminate single-family zoning across the City.

Concerned residents are invited to speak out during this open-mic opportunity, to which press will be invited, then to speak for their allotted 3 minutes in the City Hall Auditorium beginning at 3:00 p.m.

The City Commission’s proposed changes will allow quadruplexes to be built on any ¼ acre lot in the City, while allowing “cottage neighborhoods” of 12 housing units on a one-acre lot, reducing setbacks, eliminating the buffer requirements between residential neighborhoods and tall multi-family projects, eliminating bedroom limits in multi-family housing, and eliminating the current requirement that allows only three unrelated people to live in a house together.

These changes have been challenged variously by the City’s own Affordable Housing Committee, Historic Preservation Board, and Plan Board, as well as the Alachua County Board of County Commissioners, the State of Florida Department of Economic Opportunity, the State Department of Transportation, and 1000 Friends of Florida, among others.  Nearly 5,000 people have signed petitions rejecting these changes.

Following the October 17 vote, affected parties will have 30 days to file a legal challenge before the ordinances go into effect.

More information may be found at https://www.gainesvilleneighborhoodsunited.org

  • People best be careful…King Poe is likely to have the citizens trespassed and arrested for not falling in line.

  • As a mayoral candidate, if Ward was more than a fat blob of nothing, he could convince at least one of the four others to join him. But the other commissioners don’t look to him. It’s not good enough for him to make some fake NO vote when he knows the motion will pass anyway.

    • The only reason the POS Ward is voting “No” is because he and Poe have made their backdoor deal to ensure there are enough votes to pass. He’s hoping to win the mayoral election. Hopefully people will remember him for his votes to increase the costs of living to residents and the lies he spews at every opportunity.

      One day their families and others will wake up and realize what the two of them do in the shadows.

      • Historically, he has had no problem raising his voice and angrily pounding on the table. Let’s see if he sits there and is like “Gawlee, Sergeant Carter, everybody else wants to vote against me and I just can’t do anything.” Or if he really puts his heart into trying to convince the others, gets red-faced, pounds on the table, shouts, etc. (he won’t).

        • Personally, I’d love to see him get red-faced, pound on the table and have a heart attack.

  • This is a disgusting plan, straight out of the communist playbook, and a further attempt to weaken the nuclear family. It must be opposed. Poe and his fellow communists need to be kicked out of office.

    • They should be arrested and jailed for misuse of their elected promises by ignoring citizens input.

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