Gainesville Police Department video on Terrell Bradley traffic stop, K-9 apprehension

Chief Lonnie Scott, Sr., of the Gainesville Police Department held a press conference today, with a video that the department compiled from body cam footage of the officers present during the traffic stop and K-9 apprehension of Terrell Bradley. Bradley lost an eye in the incident. The video can be found here.

  • GPD acted accordingly to an armed fleeing felon. Too bad the father didnt raise his kid a little better!

    • Suspect was unarmed. This is clear abuse. Just watch how long he let’s the dog chew and bite on him before even attempting to remove the dog.

      • Unarmed? Huh? The reason they were chasing him was because he kept reaching for a gun while in the car! Then, he ran into a residential housing complex and disappeared. The whole point of using a dog is so the cops don’t get shot or stabbed. Even after he was bitten, he continued to resist arrest. Pure evil worthless scum trash. Take him out back and put a bullet in his head!

        • Not to mention he was high on drugs, and had several previous felony arrests for violent acts and drug crimes.

  • He obviously wasn’t very good at playing “Hide & Seek” while growing up.

    The K-9 did what he was supposed to do…Mr. Bradley did not.
    Don’t run from law enforcement, it rarely ends up being beneficial. I take that back, sometimes it is beneficial, to the surviving family members.

  • The facts are he is a convicted felon who ran a stop sign had a gun drugs he ran from law enforcement had he did what all law Abiding people would have done he still have both eyes he brought all of this on himself hell no I don’t feel sorry for him

  • That guy reminds me of George Floyd. He should have complied with the officers request.— Thank you GPD
    for protecting the public from this felon with a gun…he’s probably a drug dealer and responsible for fentanyl deaths and black on black crime and drive by shootings. —- Thank you GPD.

      • Nah, Don’t run from the cops jimmy and get a job. Selling dope ain’t a legitimate profession.

  • The issue is not Bradley guilt or innocence and not GPD P&P. The issue is the use of excessive force once he was located and was subjected to a delayed pull back of the dog while obvious serious injuries were occurring at the head of the perp and additional police officers were hands on Bradley and standing over him. The K9 handler maintained hands on control of the K9 and could have easily pulled him off. The K9 was by my observation never “released”. I do not believe they ever searched Bradley once apprehended by the video shown. That demonstrates that they were not concerned that he possessed any weapons at the time of apprehension and that did not see him as a continuing threat. Further, the independent review was done by a police marketing firm with no authority to make legal judgments. FDLE needs to review this case.

    • That thug was a menace to society until apprehended…it was his personal decision to be a dangerous felon with a gun. Good work by GPD. Glad the cop or a citizen neighbor taxpayer wasn’t shot by that felons’s gun. In fact, any felon getting caught with a gun should get automatic 10 years state prison.

      • There’s the recent AC story of the felon who left his gun in the sofa and his 3 year old son that got shot & killed with it…Why did the felon have a gun? So they can act like a thug rap gangsta & commit crimes with it. —The means justified the ends here to apprehend this POS. —To all the felons out there: crime don’t pay bra, and you might lose more than your F’n eye bra if you break into my home and I wake up and you’re a convicted sex offender standing in my living room at 5:55a.m. bra….being a felon can be a dangerous profession…

    • One question. Why run?? Now you’re permanently disfigured and for what?? This is on you, and only you. Face your accusers and take some responsibility for your actions. You’re a grown man!!

  • Stop playing to Antifa and BLM cop haters, chief. Instead, we need a “citizen advisory council” for public attorneys and judges who keep releasing chronic repeat offenders.

  • It’s so ironic how all you rednecks love to always comment your unwanted opinions on these kind of issues Calling him thugs & all this BS but I never read any of your comments on all of these WHITE CHILD MOLESTERS that’s in your holy county. Where’s your outrage on that ? Sickos! I’m sure it’s your family as well!

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