Gainesville reopens skate parks

Image courtesy of the City of Gainesville

Statement from City of Gainesville

Last week, in our attempt to quickly reopen portions of our city parks while restricting access to areas of congregation, we made a decision that, in hindsight, should have been more carefully considered. It’s been a delicate balance between enforcement and access, but in this instance, we missed the mark. We heard the calls of our community and worked diligently throughout the weekend to establish new park operating procedures and staffing schedules.

New park rules will allow for 10 people in the skate area at a time — demarcations will notate six-feet of separation. Park signage will be posted that outlines new rules, and city staff has been assigned on rotation to monitor the park. Playgrounds and pavilions remain closed.

Our number one priority is, and always has been, the health and safety of our neighbors. We are all in this together and hope this move shows our commitment to working towards shared solutions.

An updated list of park openings and closures is here.

  • What they were really saying is “We apologize for being fiscally incompetent and wasting tax payers’ money by enforcing our dimwitted oversight towards a taxpayer funded facility that was meant for children.”

  • Hilarious, Gainesville. Did the blowback get a bit too strong for you? All the little Governor Whitmers in the Commisariat went a little too overboard while there are still a few people who stand up for rights and freedoms, so now, they eat humble pie. But not real humble pie. Just the pretend version like tea and crumpets with a child’s play tea set.

    • Only thing blowing is BoCC chair on the Mayor. They just try to hide behind the masks. They go so well together.

  • I’m pleased to see the City admit the mistake. Now the real question, “Did the City learn anything from this experience and what are they going to change to ensure they don’t have to “relearn” the lesson again?”

  • Bahahaha – sorry, my bad… Sorry you got so pissed and may lose my job. Ugh Glad the citizens stood up to this fiasco!

  • Did City of Gainesville post that comfy meme on top of this story’s screen?

  • Meme as Press Release could be a good clarification. I was wondering if AlachuaChronicle created it. (Jennifer Cabrera is something good for Alachua County.)

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