Gainesville to begin spraying for mosquitoes as activity increases

Press release from the City of Gainesville

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Mosquito populations are on the rise locally as a result of a mild winter and April rainfall and average temperatures above normal.

The City of Gainesville’s Mosquito Control Division will begin spraying for mosquitoes beginning Thursday, May 11. The zone map and spray schedule are available online.

City residents also can request mosquito spraying by visiting www.myGNV.org or through the myGNV app. (To create a request, choose “Homes & Buildings” under “Request Type” and then select Mosquito Control.)

For neighbors with unmaintained pools on their property, or who live near retention ponds, the division provides mosquito fish, free of charge. (To request mosquito fish, please call 352-393-8287.)

Officials are asking all neighbors to help control mosquito populations by draining items on their property that may have collected water during late April rains. These include boat covers, tarps, tire swings, discarded tires, and saucers under potted plants. Additional mosquito prevention and protection tips can be found here

The division’s technicians work to reduce mosquito populations by employing integrated mosquito management best practices. The team actively monitors and treats more than 500 breeding sites throughout Gainesville such as retention ponds, roadside ditches, and low-lying areas.

  • Nobody likes mosquitos but this isn’t the way to control them. I haven’t been able to get a decent answer from Gville yet but most municipalities use Etofenprox when they spray/fog. This compound – and all other municipally sprayed chemicals – destroys insects in general, not just mosquitos. Soon after spraying keep your eyes open and you’ll notice a decline in dragonflies, butterflies, ladybugs, bees and many more beneficial insects. Not to mention the down stream effects on birds, lizards or any other insect eater. If you have a garden take an even closer note. Please keep in mind that it was common practice 50 years ago to spray DDT from trucks for mosquito control…and we all know how that turned out. Many times the cure is worse than the problem.

  • “result of a mild winter and April rainfall and average temperatures above normal.”
    I wish the city provided references for that statement because:
    -we had the hardest freeze in over a decade (Christmas ‘22)
    -essentially zero rain in April until one late month storm. To include “April rainfall” is disingenuous…of course there was April rainfall.
    -local temps have absolutely not been above normal recently. Do you creatures not go outside?
    Can we request to NOT BE SPRAYED? I wanna opt out!

    • I’m on the no spray list. The truck sprayed me when I was walking in my neighborhood about 30 years ago…I talked to the Medical Doctor with the phone number from the poison company they were spraying…he confidentially said “they don’t need to be spraying that poison” and that “if it sits around too long, it synergizes (sp?) into something a thousand times something more dangerous”.

  • Spray the dummies that promoted this agenda first. Start with the failed Politicians and Hoochie Hutchison PAC

  • Will they spray City Hall? They’ve been sucking the life out of us for years.

  • It’s about time, I remember kids rode their bikes behind the white cloud spewing DDT or malathion truck in my old Ft. Lauderdale hood c. 1968. That’s probably why that city went full blown into Trans pedo grooming culture ever nice (we left in ‘71, whew!).

  • This is not journalism. Actual journalism provides FACTS, like how is it sprayed, from where, using what chemicals, how often, etc….

  • You can avoid the poison !

    If, for any reason, a resident does not want their domicile to be sprayed, they may request to be added to the Mosquito Spray Courtesy List. Those added to the list will have a buffer radius of 300 feet around their address where the technicians will not spray.

    Please submit the request through our contact form and indicate that you would like to be added to the courtesy list under Mosquito Services.


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