Gainesville woman arrested for enticing into prostitution, attempted human trafficking


Andrea K Martin, 35, was arrested yesterday after a young woman reported that Martin was coercing her into prostitution with threats of violence.

The victim told Gainesville Police Department (GPD) that she was being threatened with violence because Martin believed the victim owed her money. The victim said she met Martin through mutual acquaintances and told Martin she was interested in getting into the pornography industry; Martin reportedly said she could help her get started and manage her career. The victim said that Martin purchased clothing and a wig for her and paid to have her nails done, which cost around $600.

The victim said she realized that Martin wasn’t interested in helping her get into pornography but instead wanted her to engage in prostitution. When she told Martin that she wasn’t interested in prostitution, she said Martin demanded that she pay back the $600 within 7 days. When the victim said she didn’t have the money, Martin allegedly threatened her.

After the victim went to GPD, a GPD detective began communicating with Martin on the victim’s phone. Martin reportedly tried to persuade the victim to “start small” with blow jobs. Martin also reportedly said all the money would go through her, with a percentage going to the victim after the debt was paid. Martin also allegedly told the victim she would “get rid of” her boyfriend if the victim didn’t “get rid of him.” Martin allegedly continued to warn the victim that she should “get yo head on my program” because “If I have to show up it won’t be for coffee.”

The GPD detective also posed as a client and made Martin believe that the victim had completed specific sexual acts for $200. Martin reportedly set up a meeting with the victim to collect the money, and when she showed up, she was arrested.

Post Miranda, Martin reportedly admitted to her side of all the communications and to negotiating prices for sex acts. She also reportedly admitted to threatening the victim but said she would never have harmed her. Martin has been charged with enticing another person into prostitution and human trafficking on a child under 18 and is being held on $25,000 bail.

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