Gainesville’s Cold Night Shelter Program Anticipated November 6-8

Press release from City of Gainesville

City of Gainesville officials anticipate severe weather conditions, including temperatures below 45 degrees Fahrenheit during evening hours, Saturday, Nov. 6-Monday, Nov. 8. The anticipated temperatures will lead to the activation of the city’s Cold Night Shelter (CNS) Program, and it is expected to remain in effect until overnight low temperatures rise above 45 F. The CNS program normally runs from Nov. 1 through March 31.

St. Francis House and GRACE Marketplace at the Empowerment Center will provide Cold Night Shelter services to people in need of shelter as long as overnight temperatures remain below 45 F. The CNS program providers serve additional persons in need of shelter so that families and individuals desiring shelter will have a warm place to stay. St. Francis House provides temporary shelter that is appropriate for families, women, and children. GRACE Marketplace primarily serves individual adults.

  • Since they’re bound to run out of space, maybe the hypocRATs will offer up some space in their homes for the people they are forcing out of theirs or at least pay for a hotel for the people they keep inviting into the community. Pretty sure it would be warmer than the breezeways in front of City Hall.

    Better yet, all you believers out there…make a sizeable contribution on the corner of ________.

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