Gators Quarterback Anthony Richardson: “Embarrassing myself, my family, the University of Florida, & my teammates was extremely painful”


In a letter to Judge Meshon Rawls, Florida Gators Quarterback Anthony Richardson apologized for driving 105 mph and wrote that he had given up the car he was driving that night.

Richardson was pulled over in Newberry at 4:11 a.m. on April 4 and cited for driving 105 mph in a 60 mph zone. At the time, he was driving a 2021 four-door Dodge; WCJB reported last November that Richardson signed a Name, Image, and Likeness deal with Gainesville Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram and was the “proud owner of a new Dodge Durango.”

At a hearing on June 13, Richardson was adjudicated guilty of driving more than 30 mph over the speed limit, fined $349, and required to write an essay on “What you have learned from this traffic incident and traffic school, how failing to obey traffic laws could impact you and others and what you will do to ensure that you will obey traffic laws in the future,” with the notation that completion of the essay could lead to a possible withholding of adjudication. The essay was due July 8, but Richardson completed it quickly, and it was filed in the court system on June 15 along with a request from Richardson’s lawyer to withhold adjudication “in order to limit the points assessed to Mr. Richardson’s driving record.” A copy of Richardson’s driving record was attached, showing that 4 points had been assessed for a speeding ticket (91 in a 70 mph zone) on February 26, 2022. Accumulating 12 points within 12 months would lead to a 30-day driver’s license suspension.

Richardson had completed a 12-hour traffic school before the June 13 hearing, and he wrote in the letter that he now understood that “a lot of bad things… could have happened to myself or someone else.” He wrote that he had not previously considered that others could be hurt if he drove at a high rate of speed and that “There’s no excuse for anyone to speed at any rate especially over 30 mph.”

Richardson also wrote in the letter that he no longer has the vehicle he was driving that night, and “moving forward, I will respect the traffic laws, rules, and regulations all of which are in place for a reason. I will make sure that I follow all of them moving forward and strive to always do what’s right not just as it pertains to operating a motor vehicle but in every aspect of life.”

Richardson concluded, “Embarrassing myself, my family, the University of Florida, & my teammates was extremely painful. When you are a man of few words, people look more at your actions… I have apologized to everyone that I affected in this situation… I will always remember this incident because it changed my life for the better.”

On June 16, after reviewing the motion from Richardson’s attorney and Richardson’s letter, Judge Rawls ordered that adjudication of guilt be withheld.

  • So, in February you can be cited for driving 91 in a 70 zone, not learn a darn thing, then
    two months later drive 105 in a 60 and have it declared not guilty because you wrote, or a
    UF tutor wrote, an essay on speeding is bad. What a country!! Too bad but if you or I had
    done that, the door driving would be slammed shut for a while. This maniac is still on the road
    apparently in a new car the cops won’t recognize. Control yourself young man, how can you lead
    a storied football squad if you have no self control?

    • He admitted to being inattentive while driving..something about checking maps while speeding. He dodged a bullet because he could have killed someone (or himself) with his repetitive disregard for driving safely. Hmmm…speaking of bullets…what about his nickname (an automatic rifle) and his apparel merchandise that shows crosshair targets? He is being insensitive to the times and glorifying guns. In his essay he says that he wants to be a role model for his younger brother. In my opinion, keeping that nickname isn’t being much of a role model..unless he wants his brother to think automatic rifles are cool. I hope this young man will reconsider his nickname and will change his behaviors. Time will tell.

  • The football players have always acted like entitled little prima donnas with criminal tendencies. Allowing them to receive endorsement money will only amplify that.

  • A lot of racial profiling going on in the comments the man made mistake an apologized for it my god I guess because his name not Billy or Bob he can’t catch a break

  • No mention of race here, please cite it. Lots of football special treatment but stop the bovine excrement about race. No one cares, just reflects on the team we love.

  • For goodness sakes give the kid a break. He complied with the judges orders and moving forward he said he was going to be the best he can be in all aspects of life. I believe him. You should too. Remember he is still a kid on the verge of becoming an adult. I’m willing to bet he goes on to to be the man he says he wants to be for the betterment of himself, UF, his family and teammates and one of the best college football players in the country. Anthony Richardson keep your head up and strive constantly to be the best person you can be. God’s speed….

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