GHS students earn top scores in the nation on prestigious college-level exams

Left to right: Yoo-Min Koh, Charles Ye, and Nathan Collier

Press release from Alachua County Public Schools

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Three Gainesville High School students have earned the highest scores in the nation on rigorous college-level exams.

Cambridge Assessment International Education has informed the school that senior Charles Ye and sophomores Nathan Collier and Yoo-Min Koh have each earned the prestigious Cambridge International Learner Award for earning “Top in U.S.A.” scores on the rigorous Cambridge Exams. 

All three are currently enrolled in GHS’ Cambridge program, an academic magnet for high-achieving students that is affiliated with Cambridge University in the United Kingdom. The Cambridge program is offered throughout the world, and students have an opportunity to earn the highly-coveted Cambridge diploma as well as college credits for high scores on Cambridge exams. More than 175,000 students worldwide take Cambridge exams each year, and more than 700 U.S. colleges and universities, including all Ivy League schools and other prestigious institutions, offer credit for Cambridge exams.

Ye, who earned his “Top of the U.S.” score on the Economics exam and is also taking courses at the University of Florida, says he enjoys the flexibility of the Cambridge program.

“I get to take classes that I enjoy, and there are so many to choose from,” he said. “If you like STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math), there are a lot of STEM-related courses, but you can also choose a lot of classes in the humanities.”

Collier’s top score was on the Physics exam. He says he was determined to get a high score and took a lot of practice tests to pinpoint the areas in which he needed to do additional work.

“When you’re shooting for a premium high score on a test like that, every point matters,” he said. “So when you get something you don’t know, you have to figure it out.” 

Koh earned his top score on the Mathematics exam. He too was aiming for the highest score possible and says his friends motivate him to do the best he can.

“Although I do have my own motivation, it also helps that I have supportive friends around me to help me do better,” he said. “One of those ways they do that is through competition. It’s a lot more fun when you have that healthy competition with close friends.”

More than 100 other GHS students have won Cambridge International awards for their performance in Cambridge courses and on exams. An awards ceremony for the students will be held at the school later this spring. 

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