Good luck with that!


  • I have a family member who is a GPD officer. Shame on the commissioners for their pathetic negligence. Things will change when they need help and there are no officers to come to their rescue. It’s just a matter of time. The Chief can only help the commissioners so much. Time to clean house!!

    • I have a family member that was mauled by one of these dogs. Unarmed black man and because of the pathetic negligence of the K-9 officer allowing his mongrel to maul the suspects face Terrell Bradley lost his eye. Let’s not forget how we got to this point. Dogs should be used to search for suspects not apprehend them, dogs don’t have hands to apprehend suspects with.

      • What a stupid SOB your relative is to be a felon and run from the law. We’ll probably read about him getting shot by one of his homies next. What a dumb F!ck!

      • Let’s not forget that your family member put themselves into that situation through their own actions. They ran from the police, they hid from the police, they refused to obey orders from the police. That’s ALL on them. All of it.

        If you stub your toe on the coffee table in the dark, it isn’t the coffee table’s fault. The coffee table isn’t negligent.

        Unfortunately, your family member is the walking embodiment of “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes”.

      • Nobody knew whether he was armed or not. Just like nobody knows if he poked his own eye out on a shrub. He was acting like a coward. It was a test of character, and he failed it. Don’t act like a scared little b if you see cops.

      • Had Bradley did when any law abiding citizen would have done he would not lost an eye.
        He wanted to be the felon he is and run away like a coward instead of facing up to being a felon with a gun and drugs everything that happened to him he brought it on himself

    • Tell your family member his department better stop threatening law abiding citizens with arrest. People like Terry Pierce and that sweet boy captain with the combover create a toxic environment threatening people like myself with arrest for requesting dash cameras. Officers like that get their fellow officers killed when they target citizens. Now imagine how they treat a criminal who has nothing to lose. No one is invincible and GPDs body armor only stops 5.56 so make sure you let them know to start treating citizens with respect.

  • Sad but true these left wing idiots need to be removed from office
    One officer is worth more than a thousand one eyed felons

  • The K-9 has more intelligence than most of city leadership.

    They should send Curry in first. Let’s see just how brave and take charge she really is. Then send Ward in, wait a second, Ward will have to go last because he’ll run everyone else over running for cover.

    • Depends…if Ward can find a bullet proof skirt to hide behind he may volunteer to lead the charge.

      Nah, that’ll never happen.

  • Walmart will shut down the Waldo Rd. store if the idiots in charge can’t keep a reasonable amount of law and order. Then there really will be no grocery store over there. Walmart just announced they are closing all of their Portland stores and several others.

  • So sad and horrifying that our Police officers are in more danger now due to the inept city management of Gainesville and GRU.

  • As always Fuller delivers!
    Thanks Jake for keeping it funny. If we took the commission seriously it might ruin our day.

  • I was pulled over by the K9 unit last year and let me tell you they are useless. I turned away from a drug checkpoint sign they had posted outside my apartment complex and then pulled over all of us who turned to go around it on S Main St. The cops were caught in a lie about my reason for being stopped and then left me alone to go about my day. Now imagine my surprise when I go to get the dash camera footage and the PIao Graham Glover and Acting chief Terry Pierce tell me there is no operation or checkpoint, then threaten to press charges because the language I used in my email to request the footage. The whole department is useless except for their gun buybacks. I scored a sweet little .22 from an older gentleman who was coming to make some money. Funny enough after that GPD kicked us off the sidewalk outside the police department saying we couldn’t gather there (5 random dudes who all came together to buy Guns from people selling them to the government) if you are a back the blue no matter who then I have some bad news for you. Its only a matter of time till they use their dogs on you or a loved one. Army vet and ZERO traffic infractions here and this is how they treat ME.

    • Andrew, everyone is guilty until proven innocent in a court of law, BUT, you will never get to court as 95% of arrests go to plea deals. That’s not justice, that’s coercion.

    • 5 random dudes wanting to buy guns from people selling guns to the government? That defeats the purpose for the buyback. That’s not how it works dude.

      You may want to play in another foxhole.

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