Governor announces “full Phase One” starting Monday


At a press conference today in Jacksonville, Governor DeSantis announced that Florida will move to “full Phase One” on Monday. This will include increasing indoor restaurant and retail capacity to 50% and opening gyms.

Over the past few days, DeSantis has described Florida’s Phase One so far as “Phase 0.5” because Florida didn’t take all the steps in the federal Phase One plan. Now he says he’s ready to take all the steps in the federal Phase One plan except opening movie theaters.

Alachua County hasn’t even moved to Phase 0.5 in retail occupancy (we are still at 1 person per 500 square feet, and county commissioners were very reluctant to go to 25% restaurant capacity), so it remains to be seen whether Alachua County will follow any parts of the governor’s plan.

  • I still can’t use my gym membership because the County continues to enforce wearing a mask while exercizing.

  • When you wear a mask, you rebreath some of your exhaled air, which leads to a rise in blood CO2 level, adropp blood O2 level, and lower blood pH. People usually breathe harder in an attempt to compensate.

    There has been very little attention on this important concern in the mainstream news. What are the long-term Health implications of doing this, especially when exercising?

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