Governor DeSantis requests information about previous dropped charges from Orlando State Attorney

Courtesy Office of Governor Ron DeSantis

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Ryan D. Newman, General Counsel for Governor Ron DeSantis, sent a letter yesterday to State Attorney Monique Worrell of the Ninth Judicial Circuit, requesting information about her office’s previous prosecutorial decisions regarding Keith Melvin Moses, who shot and killed three people last week and left two others injured. Dylan Lyons, who was formerly an anchor and reporter for TV20 in Gainesville, was one of the homicide victims.

In the letter, Newman says it is “galling” that Moses, who was arrested immediately after the homicides, had been “allowed to remain on the streets after multiple arrests, including one your office has refused to prosecute.”

The letter points out that Moses is a “known gang member” with an extensive criminal history and that he was arrested in November 2021 for marijuana possession while he was on Juvenile Felony Probation. According to the letter, Moses’ arrest affidavit states, “[i]t should be noted that all three subjects have multiple firearm possession charges, to include Attempted First-Degree Murder and Armed Robbery with a Firearm and all had ski mask style masks on them or in the vehicle,” but “despite the clear threat that Mr. Moses posed to our community, [Worrell] apparently made the decision to not pursue charges against him.”

The letter requests numerous documents regarding Moses and his juvenile record, but it also requests information on all individuals who were arrested for committing a felony or violated the terms of their probation by being arrested for any crime, had a prior criminal history, and were not prosecuted by Worrell’s office.

  • Hallelujah and Amen! Thank goodness we have governor willing to starve lawyers if needed to reduce crime in Florida. It’s about damn time.

  • How do you commit a crime of this magnitude and not prosecute? I’m confused was this not a murder charge? Thankfully we have a Governor that understands his duty.

      • No that was before the shootings. He is being charged with 3 counts of murder and 2 counts of attempted murder.

  • It’s saying she didn’t pursue charges for the 2021 arrest. If she had he may not have been able to commit this crime.

  • He was released on a marijuana charge he picked up while on juvenile felony probation, he has not been released after murdering three people in cold blood.

  • Orlando… another DemocRAT stronghold.

    And those idiots, like these in Gainesville, think firearms are the problem.

    Best put ’em down if you have to & remember, dead people tell no tales.

    • Exactly. We shoot anyone suspected of a crime without due process. Just as the forefathers intended!

      • If they’re robbing me, shooting at me, assaulting me, or breaking into my home – they’re not suspected of anything.

    • the crime rate here is higher than orlando’s… i wouldn’t be so quick to start insulting them before fixing our problems

  • If they did the same thing here, the list would be long. We’re always reading about charges getting dropped or never being filed on time.

  • The Woke and Broke Gainesville City Commission has created a K9 Hating , Law and Order Hating Committee to further erode controlling Crime in our area . Calling it safety but attacking Law and Order. I wonder how the State is going to interpret growing government they know nothing about, strictly created by misdirected emotion.
    Like Lori Lightfoot. State of Florida investigate this please.

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