Governor DeSantis signs 20 bills, including Elections bill that includes resign-to-run amendment

Press release from the Office of Governor Ron DeSantis

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Today, Governor Ron DeSantis signed the following bills: 

CS/CS/SB 110 – State Board of Administration

CS/CS/SB 130 – Domestic Violence

CS/SB 190 – Interscholastic Extracurricular Activities

CS/CS/SB 306 – Catalytic Converters

CS/CS/SB 540 – Local Government Comprehensive Plans

SB 678 – Disposal of Property

CS/CS/SB 770 – Residential Loan Alternative Agreements

CS/CS/SB 838 – Proceeds Funding Motorcycle Safety Education

SB 7006 – A Review under the Open Government Sunset Review Act

CS/SB 7050 – Elections

CS/HB 199 – Ethics Requirements for Officers and Employees of Special Tax Districts

CS/HB 341 – 911 Public Safety Telecommunicator Certifications

CS/HB 431 – Solicitation of Minors to Commit Lewd or Lascivious Acts

HB 441 – Removal of Unknown Parties in Possession

CS/HB 607 – Money Services Businesses

HB 641 – Restoration of Osborne Reef

CS/HB 737 – Secondhand Goods

HB 825 – Assault of Battery on Hospital Personnel

CS/HB 1161 – Venomous Reptiles

CS/CS/HB 1185 – Consumer Protection

To view the transmittal letters, click here.

  • Of course he modified resign to run so he can start his destined to fail run for the Presidency, making all that voted for him a sucker.

    • What’s that make those of you who voted for the local commissioners and Biden?

  • To bad they passed the bill that lets him have his job back after he fails at running for president, was hoping we would be done with him.

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