Governor DeSantis to visit Israel, speak at Jerusalem Post, Museum of Tolerance Jerusalem Conference

Press release from The Jerusalem Post

JERUSALEM – Today, the Jerusalem Post and Museum of Tolerance Jerusalem announced that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will travel to Israel in April to attend the Jerusalem Post and Museum of Tolerance Jerusalem “Celebrate the Faces of Israel” event on April 27.

DeSantis will deliver the keynote address before a crowd of 400 participants, including around 120 U.S. Jewish philanthropists.

Celebrate the Faces of Israel aims to tackle ever-present tensions in Israel, teach about the country’s history, and introduce the audience to the changemakers who embrace tolerance and acceptance.

DeSantis will speak about the importance of the U.S.-Israel relationship, especially in difficult times.

The governor is traveling to Israel as a part of a larger Florida/Asian trade delegation.

“A few months after my inauguration for my first term as Governor of Florida, I traveled to Israel for a state visit with the largest ever trade delegation from the Sunshine State to the Jewish State,” said Governor Ron DeSantis. “Since that time, we have strengthened the relationship between Florida and Israel through increased investment by Israeli companies in our state, fighting the scourge of BDS, and being home to the fastest-growing Jewish population in the United States. At a time of unnecessarily strained relations between Jerusalem and Washington, Florida serves as a bridge between the American and Israeli people.”

DeSantis promised in 2019 to “be the most pro-Israel governor in America.” In his book, the governor explains how he helped to lay the groundwork for relocating the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and believes the West Bank “is not occupied territory; it is disputed territory.”

The Jerusalem Post is the country’s oldest and most-read English-language media outlet. With between 10 and 12 million unique monthly website visitors, a million Facebook followers, 60,000 Twitter followers, and active Instagram and Telegram channels, we reach the world. Our Global Investment Forum in Morocco achieved more than 900,000 collective views.

The Museum of Tolerance Jerusalem will soon open for visitors of all ages, religions, and cultural backgrounds. The museum aims to encourage democracy, combat the roots of antisemitism and extremism, and promote regional stability, global harmony, human dignity, and a love of Israel.

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  • I hope the state is not funding this trip overseas. Just my opinion, but I think a trip to our boarder, veterans, or school teachers could make better use of the national attention

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