Governor DeSantis Wins Major Victory to Protect Florida’s Cruise Industry

Press release from the Office of Governor Ron DeSantis

Today, the federal district court in Tampa delivered a major victory for Governor Ron DeSantis against the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and its obstructionist No Sail Orders that have flatlined Florida’s cruise industry for over a year. Ruling in favor of Florida’s Motion for Preliminary Injunction, Judge Stephen Merryday concluded the CDC’s restrictions are likely unconstitutional and overstepping their legal authority. The Cruise Industry will soon be permitted to set sail again, thanks to the lawsuit brought by Governor DeSantis and Attorney General Moody. The state fought on behalf of the cruise industry in Florida to secure the ability to resume operations without overly burdensome requirements that discriminate against children, leave most of the ships sitting in port, and disregard the freedom of Floridians to make decisions for their families.

Beginning July 18, the CDC’s orders will become mere “guidance,” and cruise ships will hit the open waters once again free from the CDC. As Florida continues to thrive while open for business, the return of the cruise industry marks an important milestone in the fight for freedom.

“The CDC has been wrong all along, and they knew it,” said Governor Ron DeSantis. “The CDC and the Biden Administration concocted a plan to sink the cruise industry, hiding behind bureaucratic delay and lawsuits. Today, we are securing this victory for Florida families, for the cruise industry, and for every state that wants to preserve its rights in the face of unprecedented federal overreach.”

Included in the ruling, the Middle District Court of Florida found that:

  • The CDC cannot discriminately keep children and families from cruising;
  • Neither the CDC, nor any federal agency, can require a vaccine passport; and
  • The CDC must create an actual framework for businesses to resume operations, rather than forcing them to conduct burdensome and bureaucratic tests without any standard by which to be measured. 

In its ruling, the court says “Never has CDC (or a predecessor) detained a vessel for more than fifteen months; never has CDC implemented a widespread or industry-wide detention of a fleet of vessels in American waters; never has CDC conditioned pratique as extensively and burdensomely as the conditional sailing order; and never has CDC imposed restrictions that have summarily dismissed the effectiveness of state regulation and halted for an extended time an entire multi-billion dollar industry nationwide. In a word, never has CDC implemented measures as extensive, disabling, and exclusive as those under review in this action.

Judge Merryday also cites a previous ruling stating, “When an agency claims to discover in a long-extant statute an unheralded power to regulate ‘a significant portion of the American economy,’ we typically greet its announcement with a measure of skepticism.”

Find the full ruling here

  • Imagine how oppressive life would be if Andrew Gillum had won. DeSantis is a godsend!

  • Those restrictions on cruise line Industry were certainly Biden/Pelosi/Schumer crap to slow down how great red states were recovering while Democrat blue states sank in quicksand. Also to slow down the departures from NU and NJ to state tax free Fl!

    Well, the crooked ones lost again! Frail old man Biden just can’t do anything right.

  • Although I agree that the CDC was way to restrictive when it came tor Cruising. I do take issue in that DeSantis is restricting Cruise Lines from requiring that people who sail on there ships to be vaccinated. As a Travel Professional and a Cruiser I depend on the Cruise Line I am cruising on to keep me safe and DeSantis who is stopping the Cruise Lines from keeping there passengers safe is doing a disservice to the general public. One last thing Imagine being on a Cruise with people who have COVID and an outbreak occurs especially with the new variant what do you think will happen when they try and come back to the US. The best and only way to help stave off an outbreak on a Cruise ship is to allow Cruise Lines to require people to be vaccinated. This way they will be able to continue Cruising with disruptions which will help the economy.

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