Governor Ron DeSantis highlights Freedom Summer Sales Tax Holiday

Press release from the Office of Governor Ron DeSantis

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Today, Governor Ron DeSantis highlighted the Freedom Summer Sales Tax Holiday, which began on Memorial Day and will run through Labor Day weekend. The sales tax holiday was part of the Framework for Freedom Budget and is estimated to save Florida families nearly $230 million over the summer.

Items included in the Freedom Summer Sales Tax Holiday are:

  • Outdoor recreation purchases such as supplies for camping, fishing, and general outdoor activities including kayaks and canoes.
  • Boating and water activity supplies such as life jackets, coolers, and pool floats.  
  • Tickets for museums and events such as concerts, fairs, sporting events, and theater productions.
  • Entry to state parks, including annual passes.  
  • Children’s toys. 
  • Children’s athletic equipment. 

Last year, the Governor proposed and signed a “Freedom Week” sales tax holiday on summer recreation items as part of the Freedom First Budget for Fiscal Year 2022–2023. This year, however, the Governor proposed and signed an expansion of the sales tax holiday. It now lasts three months and includes children’s toys and athletic equipment as part of the Framework for Freedom Budget for Fiscal Year 2023–2024. 

This tax holiday is part of Florida’s historic $2.7 billion tax cut that Governor DeSantis approved in the Framework for Freedom Budget. Also included in the budget is a permanent sales tax exemption for baby and toddler items such as diapers, baby wipes, cribs, and strollers. Additionally, the Governor signed a one-year sales tax exemption for gas stoves to help families purchase new appliances.

  • That benefits all Floridians, not just the liberals nor conservatives.
    Not exactly the same consideration everyone is getting on the federal side.

    • Much of the Biden legislation of 2021 is helping red states as much or more than blue ones, including the billions Florida has received, as well as help on hurricanes whenever needed and tragedies like the condo collapse on the beach. The GOP has been targeting blue states whenever they can, starting with ending federal tax deductions for state income taxes paid, and stupid petty stuff like Der Fuhrer sending immigrants to California (which unlike Florida actually has a border with Mexico).

      • Well, a Happy Birthday America to you. I’d like to read how you justify why the majority of Americans who actually pay taxes should subsidize the abnormal state taxes paid in places like NY, NJ, CA, et al. Of course the deduction wasn’t removed; it was just reduced to a reasonable limit for working people, versus what the left considers overpaid rich people who used it as a dodge on their Federal responsibilities.

      • Never said Biden wasn’t helping both. More? Don’t know and despite your claims, neither do you. Why don’t you petition the Fed to do more for those in the Ft Myers area who are still affected? Better yet, have the Biden administration do something about the costs of insurance in Florida? Just like DeSantis, he can’t – not without federal legislation. Maybe you can convince insurance companies to care more about clients and their property than they do about potential exposure. You say you had a business, you didn’t provide services for free did you? If you say yes you’re a liar.

        Those states weren’t complaining about the illegal immigrants until they started showing up on their doorsteps did they? They didn’t care that Arizona and Texas were being overrun with illegal immigration.
        Reminds me of the homeless situation around Gainesville. It’s okay until it gets close to their house.

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