Governor Ron DeSantis highlights Great Outdoors Initiative, providing 50% discount on FWC Gold Sportsman Licenses and Annual State Park Passes

Press release from the Office of Governor Ron DeSantis

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Today, Governor Ron DeSantis highlighted the Great Outdoors Initiative, providing 50% discounts to Floridians on the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) Gold Sportsman hunting and fishing licenses and Florida State Park annual passes. On Oct. 14, 2023, Governor DeSantis announced the Great Outdoors Initiative and signed Executive Order 23-209, directing the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and FWC to provide a significant 50% discount on annual state park passes and FWC Gold Sportsman hunting and fishing licenses. These savings will continue to be available through the holiday season until Jan. 13, 2024.

Since the initiative began, FWC has sold a total of $13 million and 44,000 sportsman licenses with more than 11,000 being first-time license holders. DEP has sold a total of 27,311 annual state park passes, including nearly 20,000 family passes. This is nearly four times the number of annual passes sold during this same period last year. 

“Florida has award-winning recreation lands, and I’m proud to see Floridians exploring our great outdoors,” said Governor Ron DeSantis. “A lifetime hunting and fishing license or annual park pass at a large discount makes a great Christmas gift for the whole family. Excitement for the great outdoors has been passed on through generations of Floridians, and I am proud to continue supporting these family traditions.”

“Through this initiative, Governor DeSantis has made experiencing the real Florida a priority,” said DEP Secretary Shawn Hamilton. “We invite people to discover a state park they have never been to before. Now is the time to see and visit Florida beyond your own backyard.”

“With more than 44,000 licenses sold, I’m excited to see so many people taking advantage of this incredible opportunity,” said FWC Executive Director Roger Young. “Florida is known worldwide for its fishing and unique hunting opportunities. I encourage everyone to purchase a lifetime sportsman license for themselves and their loved ones this holiday season.”

Florida is the only four-time winner of the Gold Medal honoring the nation’s best park system, with 175 award-winning state parks, trails, and historic sites spanning nearly 800,000 acres and 100 miles of sandy beaches. Florida State Parks provided an economic benefit to Florida last fiscal year of over $3.6 billion while supporting more than 50,000 jobs.

Florida is also renowned as the Fishing Capital of the World, and FWC offers freshwater and saltwater fishing licenses for experiencing the best of coastal and inland fishing options, along with unique hunting opportunities.

The following FWC Gold Sportsman licenses, which include the saltwater fishing, freshwater fishing, hunting privileges, and all associated permits, are discounted by 50%, in the spirit of the holiday season, and available at the following rates, plus applicable fees:

  • Annual Gold Sportsman – $50.75.
  • Five-year Gold Sportsman – $247.75.
  • Lifetime Sportsman License
    • Age 4 or younger – $201.50.
    • Ages 5–12 – $351.50.
    • Ages 13 and older – $501.50

Have yourself a merry holiday by gifting the Florida State Parks Annual Passes which are now discounted by 50% and available at the following rates:

  • Family Annual Pass – $60, plus tax.
  • Individual Annual Pass – $30, plus tax.  

Governor DeSantis encourages Floridians to enjoy our state’s natural resources and the activities that have become family traditions such as camping, hunting, and fishing. To learn more about the Great Outdoors Initiative and to purchase your annual park pass or sportsman license, click here.

To find a park near you, visit: FloridaStateParks.org.

  • Are existing lifetime license holder getting a refund since they just cut the 1,000 price in half?

    Would be nice to get a $500 refund since most sportsmen paid full price before this latest political stunt.

    • I’d like a refund on my college tuition that I paid for on-time, out of my own pocket without the taxpayers’ help, since the regime is doling out “loan forgiveness” to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars. I’ll even take half of it back, or about $75k.

    • “..latest political stunt”. (insert eye roll here…) I’m guessing you’re also the Karen marching into Best Buy/Target/Walmart demanding a refund when THEY have sales on items you just purchased. Suck it up buttercup.

  • Learning to fish and hunt can mean the difference in having food or going hunger in a unpredictable future.

  • If you purchase the pass for state parks online you pay an additional $16 in fees. That’s complete BS. Would be nice if there was a senior price too.

    • You can avoid the $6 credit card fee and $10 shipping fee by just getting the pass at any state park. Register an account ahead of time and it takes one minute to get your pass.

      Those fees are high but honestly taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay for optional conveniences either. There is a cost to process credit cards and to pay people to stuff and mail envelopes, esp when a system already exists at the parks.


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