Governor Ron DeSantis Highlights Three Years of Florida’s Success After Rejecting COVID-19 Orthodoxy

Press release from the Office of Governor Ron DeSantis

WINTER HAVEN, Fla. — Today, Governor Ron DeSantis marked the third year since “15 Days to Slow the Spread” was implemented in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and put the United States under a state of emergency. President Biden has perpetuated issues that arose from widespread lockdowns by enforcing a federal vaccine mandate for healthcare workers as well as requiring proof of vaccination for international tourists three years after the initial lockdown orders. The President also continues to fight to maintain a federal mask mandate for air travel. These prolonged restrictions have had detrimental effects on Americans and the US economy. To watch the Governor’s full remarks, click here

“Florida bucked the COVID-19 orthodoxy and instead used commonsense policies to become a refuge of sanity,” said Governor Ron DeSantis. “Federal vaccine mandates and restrictions were never about protecting Americans from a virus, they were exercising control at the expense of the American economy and the American way of life. In Florida, we did not abdicate our leadership decisions to DC bureaucrats. Instead, we bucked the bureaucrats by ensuring kids could be in school, Floridians could go to work and businesses could thrive.”

“Three years ago, we were told there were 15 days to slow the spread, and today, with nearly 100% of the American public having contracted the coronavirus, the federal government continues to rely on fear and manipulation to peddle vaccines that don’t prevent transmission,” said Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo. “As the State Surgeon General, I am grateful for the Governor’s leadership and for choosing facts and reason over fear in response to COVID-19 in Florida.”

Despite pseudoscientific policies from the federal government, Florida’s common-sense approach allowed Florida to thrive. In 2022, Florida had the largest net migration in the country and set an all-time record for tourism with 137.6 million visitors. Additionally, Florida’s Gross Domestic Product increased by 24% between the first quarter of 2020 and the third quarter of 2022, outpacing the nation by 23%.

Florida recognized the importance of in-person learning for students. While other states locked the doors of their schools, Florida was the first state in the nation to mandate in-person learning for students and welcome students back into the classroom. Because of Florida’s smart approach, Florida avoided the learning losses that we are just beginning to comprehend nationwide.  

Findings from the National Assessment of Educational Progress show that moving towards remote learning created learning gaps that had lasting impacts on K-12 students while Florida’s students earned the state’s highest-ever rankings in each assessment and demonstrated historic achievement gap closure for at-risk students at all levels.

“15 Days to Slow the Spread” policies led the way for lockdown policies that are still causing economic damage to the US economy and have resulted in record inflation rates not experienced since the 1980s. In February:

  • Overall inflation rose by 6% over the year.
  • Grocery prices rose by 10.2% over the year.
  • Energy prices rose 5.2% over the year. 
  • At least 1 in 247 residents died from Covid, with a total number of 86,850 as of March 16, 2023. And new cases of Covid have increased by 75% over the last 2 weeks, with a daily rate of 4,120 reported cases.
    Doesn’t look like Tiny D’s plan is working as well as he thinks.

    • Aww… stay home! If you would prefer to be ruled by authoritarian scum, move to a blue state! We are keeping our freedom here in Florida!

      • Well, no. We’re not. It’s being stripped from us and our local governments by this ivy league elite Mussolini who is also attacking our highly rated state university system and the #1 business in the state because he doesn’t want people saying things he doesn’t like.

        • Dang right! Will live as I desire! No one, with a functioning brain listens to government thugs for medical advise! I’d rather die than live under blue state authoritarian rule!

          • I intend too, would never listen to government trash as to how I should live my life!
            You 🐑 continue to listen to elected degenerates that only care about your vote!
            Must be such a pathetic existence you live!
            I left the house everyday and worked, bought food, diesel, groceries throughout the entire pandemic! Thoroughly enjoyed giving those like yourself and government thugs that think elected government trash should have dominion over our lives while going about my life as normal!
            Oh yea… vaxx free, had Covid and kicked it’s rear end! 🤣🐑🤣

  • 99.99% survival rates against covid. Great Gov and Surgeon General. Thank you for having COMMON SENSE.

  • It’s a press release, not news.

    Now tell us about Florida ranking 13th in per capita deaths, behind a list of mostly red states that were worse. That’s mostly where the anti-vaxxers were who died needlessly, an estimated 300k Americans. Now we have a quack surgeon general with no experience in epidemiology getting called about by his med school faculty co-workers (does he really do anything there?) for his recent “study”, and the CDC for creating misinformation.

    • If you’re looking for journalism, you’ve come to the wrong place. This site should change its URL to DeSantisPropagandaMachine.com or ParalyzedByCrimeAnxiety.com. They only fact-check and deny publication to left leaning submissions. There’s no room in the thin-skinned conservatard echo chamber for the free market of ideas!

      • No one here cares for your fragile minded, government dependent leftist opinion!
        Be on your way now, there is a leftist rag called the Gainesville sun. Oh, that rag will no longer allow comments due to its fragile minded readers that can not handle differing views!

        • Calm down, hon. This is just a public forum to express opinions. The freedom to express different opinions is part of the constitution.

          • Oh, I’m calm… just making sure you government dependent folks realize your leftist rag stopped allowing comments! As most leftist rags have!

    • All you democrats should move to blue states where you can be ruled by the authoritarian scum that you desire! We are keeping our freedom! We do not need government to navigate life, those of you that do, should pack your bags!

      • Freedom? You mean like freedom to have your business boards taken over by the governor if he doesn’t like what you say, freedom to be forced to carry a pregnancy to term, freedom to have officials you elected removed if they say something the governor doesn’t like, freedom to not read books, freedom to be prosecuted for voter fraud after state officials said you were eligible, freedom to not get vaccines for you baby if you agree with health experts they should, freedom to not read books in school because your bible thumping neighbor doesn’t want you to, freedom to have the state tell you your business can’t practice safe health policy while servicing customers in their own home, freedom to have the governor remove 2 black congressmen while stacking districts so Florida now has a congressional representation and state legislative representation that bears no resemblance to the numbers of black and democratic voters in the state, freedom to have water quality administration and enforcement taken away from local governments and given to the state, freedom to have your local government an easy target for law suits from businesses, but not the state government, and there is more. Is that the freedom you think you got from this braggard dictator governor, who’d just as soon send more people to covid death than have his presidential ambitions slowed down? That freedom?

        • You can read whatever book you like… AT HOME or in the PUBLIC library! The state funded schools should not have deviant leftist books in the SCHOOL library! Women have up to 15 weeks to terminate, pretty sure they would miss a period within 4 if pregnant. Felons had to pay ALL fines associated with their charges before voting. No one is forcing bibles to be read in schools, you don’t get to force book discussing sex or gender transitions with elementary age kids! If the state prevents you from wearing a mask in someone’s home, I don’t blame them, no one is coming into my home without me being able to see their face. As for the state legislature, Florida, thankfully, voted red! You have no issue with the folks in the smaller areas surrounding Gainesville having to live with leftist government and the tax and piss away policies! I’m sure you have no issue with blue state governments that are blue only because the state has a massive city, where the citizens are heavily government (tax payer) dependent, where as the rest of the state is red!! I am happy the state prevents the leftist in alachua county and Gainesville from authoritarian style rule!

        • Do you think I care the least little bit as to what you think? I detest you entitled leftists!
          DeSantis kicked that flip flopping degenerates rear end that you government dependent degenerates voted for! 19 points boy! DeSantis will keep the trash you elect in Gainesville in check as well!🤣

  • If DeSantis has taught us anything it’s that you can have a Harvard education and still be stupid

    • At least he is not so stupid and pathetically educated that he needs/wants tax payers to pay for his student loans like the left wing de gen e rates!

  • Florida, under the heel of DeSantis…Where WOKE Comes to Die…And Where Fascism Thrives.

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