Governor Ron DeSantis signs third consecutive anti-crime, pro-public safety legislative package

From Florida Channel broadcast of May 1 press conference | Alachua Chronicle

Press release from the Office of Governor Ron DeSantis

TITUSVILLE, Fla. — Today, Governor Ron DeSantis signed into law his third consecutive anti-crime, pro-public safety legislative package. The bills enacted by the Governor strengthen pre-trial detention and push back against “bail reform” efforts that have made other states significantly less safe, increase sentences for drug traffickers that target children, and subject child rapists to the death penalty. Last month, Governor DeSantis also signed legislation that reforms Florida’s death penalty statutes to ensure justice in capital cases. More on today’s announcement can be found here:

“Florida is a law-and-order state with a 50-year record low crime rate and double-digit year-over-year decreases in murder, burglary, and overall crime,” said Governor Ron DeSantis. “For three consecutive legislative sessions we have enacted tough-on-crime policies, and this year we are continuing to implement measures to protect our communities and keep Florida safe, with a particular emphasis on keeping criminals in jail and throwing the book at pedophiles.”

“In Florida, we stand for the rule of law, we back our blue, and we treat offenders as they should be treated — not as victims, but as criminals who deserve to be behind bars,” said Attorney General Ashley Moody. “That’s one of the reasons why we are the fastest-growing state in the nation. I am grateful for Governor DeSantis’ strong leadership in advocating for, and signing, new laws that go after fentanyl traffickers and keep violent and repeat offenders behind bars to protect Floridians and our millions of visitors.”

Governor DeSantis is protecting Floridians from the disastrous “bail reforms” being pushed by liberal politicians and prosecutors in high-crime jurisdictions throughout the country by signing HB 1627, legislation which: 

  • Requires the Florida Supreme Court to develop a uniform statewide bond schedule by the end of the year;
  • Prohibits the chief judge of a judicial circuit from setting a lower bond amount for a criminal offense than the uniform statewide bond schedule;
  • Authorizes the chief judge of a judicial circuit to set a higher bond amount for a criminal offense than the uniform statewide bond schedule;
  • Prohibits a person from being released prior to his or her first appearance if he or she has been arrested for a particularly violent or heinous crime;
  • Authorizes a court to revoke pretrial release and order pretrial detention if a defendant violates a condition of pretrial release;
  • Adds manslaughter while driving and boating under the influence, trafficking fentanyl, extortion, and written threats to kill to the list of “dangerous crimes”;
  • Prohibits a court from granting nonmonetary pretrial release at a first appearance hearing if a defendant is arrested for a dangerous crime and the court determines there is probable cause to believe the defendant committed the offense;
  • Requires a state attorney, or a court on its own motion, to motion for pretrial detention if a defendant is arrested for a dangerous crime that is a capital felony, a life felony, or a first-degree felony and the court determines there is probable cause to believe that the defendant committed the offense;
  • Requires a court to order pretrial detention of a defendant who is arrested for a dangerous crime if the court finds a substantial probability that the defendant committed the offense and that no conditions of release or bail will reasonably protect the community from risk of physical harm; and
  • Authorizes any party to motion for reconsideration of pretrial detention if an alleged criminal is granted pretrial release and then new information comes to light suggesting pretrial detention is warranted.

Additional penalties for fentanyl dealers who target children

Governor DeSantis is taking action to protect Florida’s vulnerable children from the dangers posed by “rainbow fentanyl” by signing HB 1359, which imposes additional penalties on fentanyl and other drug-related crimes when the drug looks like a piece of candy that targets children, specifically by: 

  • Making those who traffic such substances eligible for a life sentence and imposing a minimum 25-year sentence and a $1 million penalty; and
  • Making it a first-degree felony to possess, sell, or manufacture fentanyl and other controlled substances that resemble candy. 

Death penalty for sexual battery on children under 12

Governor DeSantis also signed HB 1297 to impose the death penalty for those pedophiles who commit sexual battery against children under the age of 12. The Governor is prepared to take this law all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court to overrule judicial precedents which have unjustly shielded child rapists from the death penalty and denied victims and their loved ones the opportunity to pursue ultimate justice against these most heinous criminals.

This legislation signed today is in addition to Governor DeSantis’ previous pro-public safety initiatives, including hallmark anti-rioting legislation, the strongest law enforcement recruitment and support initiative in the nation, and a crackdown on opioid dealers and drug traffickers.

  • Amen and hallelujah!!
    If this doesn’t change things soon, then it’ll be time for truly democratic justice reform to make lawyers starve act, a referendum to: put juries in charge of courts; make lawyers, DAs, judges use un-air conditioned abandoned buildings for their joke proceedings; export repeat offenders to new 3rd World prison industries.

  • Finally some laws we all can applaud 👏🏾.. keep violent offenders locked up with no bail..the only thing that isn’t truthful is this is Not a answer to Bail Reform.. that lessened convictions on minor crimes (open container.. Jay walking etc) and theft under $200..legal system was punishing poor people who couldn’t afford legal fees after their release.. let’s be honest to the readers.. none of those previous laws 🙄 kept Florida safe.. legal loopholes did that.. Florida has been republican run for decades plus.. any laws added to the books haven’t democratic influence 🤔 at all.. like at all…..

    • Yes on bail reform, which this isn’t. Waste of resources and people’s lives to hold them for not making bail on nothing charges. We should remember that in Jim Crow Florida – and JIm Crow US – black men were arrested for minor stuff, then turned over to farmers and factories with deals with the sheriff, to “work off” their time, essentially extending slavery well into the 20th century. Yeah, I know we don’t have that anymore, and I strongly disagree with the movement to stop using prisoners for road maintenance, as if many of those doing it welcomed getting out, and they do have a debt to society, but that should be for the convicted, and not making bail is not a crime.

  • HB 1297 is probably appellate bait, but, other than that, who wants ice cream?

  • Go Ron!!! Can you imagine how close we came to having a corrupt dem, Andrew Gillum, as governor?

  • Unfortunately local Judges do not follow the law and they have complete immunity. Until there is accountability for Judges and Attorneys NOTHING will change. The cash for kids network in Gainesville has been going on for years in the Alachua county family court system, multiple complaints have been filed yet no accountability. These Judges are routinely ordering children into the hands of abusive parents. The Florida Judicial system is led by CASH and not the best interest of the child or even the law abiding citizen. We are asking that good people get involved and start court watching especially in Family court, these crimes cannot continue any longer.

    • We can start with a 3 Strikes amendment, if only to wake up voters and scare the legal elites on this issue.

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