GPD arrests man who stole excavator and drove it through wall at Walmart

Photo courtesy Gainesville Police Department

Staff report

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Gainesville Police Department officers have one suspect in custody after he stole a large excavator, drove it around, took out power poles, and then drove through the wall of the Walmart at 2900 SW 42nd Street.

  • I guess it wasn’t an impenetrable “Wal”mart.
    If he’s looking for work, can he work on City Hall?

    • Well come to Gainesville Florida
      Just saying
      Everyone should be forgiven,it’s free🤷‍♀️Just saying

    • We don’t leave keys in them. Most equipment has universal keys that fit all similar equipment. Newer equipment has an electronic key code to stop stuff like this.

  • MAGA fan practicing for when Trump is in jail?…..just kidding when I was in high school, one of my friends stole a golf cart from the UF golf course and led UPD on a slow chase across campus

  • X employee maybe. 😂🤣😅👻driving up operations costs….idiot
    Walk on
    Crazy actions this individual 🤪 took.

  • Power poles a coincidence? I think not. When the GRU bill usurps a good mans crack habit… somethings gonna snap.
    9/11/23 never forget. THE BUTLER BASHER.

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