Updated with video: GPD asks the public for help in identifying armed robbery suspects

Press release from Gainesville Police Department

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – The Gainesville Police Department (GPD) is asking for help in identifying the subjects pictured above and in the video below. They are sought in connection with an armed robbery at 2435 SW 13th Street on July 24 in which they targeted victims in two separate hotel rooms.

Once inside, the suspect above held the victims at gunpoint and tied the victims up. He then beat and struck them with a pistol before stealing their truck from the parking lot. One of the victims sustained a severe injury. One suspect fled in a vehicle belonging to one of the victims and later crashed the vehicle in the area of SE Williston Rd/SE 16th Ave.

He fled on foot into the woods and was not located by law enforcement. Anyone with information about this incident is asked to contact GPD Detectives at 352-393-7710 or remain anonymous by contacting the Alachua County Crime Stoppers at 352-372-7867.

  • Keep an eye out for the shoes. They can change shirts but usually keep the shoes. Gainesville is becoming increasingly unsafe. Not safe in the East, downtown is not safe, around UF is not safe. WHY is this do you suppose???

    • That’s a great idea! I am glad he bought the only pair of black running shoes in Gainesville…smfh

    • Margaret,
      It’s not safe in Gainesville because of our lovely leadership. They welcome this behavior. With a limited staff of police officers, poor GPD leadership, and the liberal-azz judges who let these criminals off, nothing will change.

    • Usually because of the increasi6amount of darkness in those areas. And the fact that the police only care about drugs, therefore all other crimes get this treatment – wanting you to do their job for them!

  • Probably a safe bet he’s another convicted felon in possession of a gun, and a veteran of many Alachua County judicial wrist-slaps & dropped charges.

  • No K-9s available? Oh wait. This is Gainesville, ruled by idiots who think K-9s are oppressive to criminals.

    • You can train a stupid red neck to be a cop by why do that to an animal, they’re just innocent creatures.

  • Amazing that in todays world, businesses seem unable to afford surveillance cameras that take legible pictures and videos.

    • In Houston, Tx. high def. systems are REQUIRED; however, the business owner must foot the bill. Go figure.

  • Quit asking the public to do your job. You act like you have all the power of God out on the street, so YOU find this guy. Protect and serve, pigs. Protect and serve. Because if WE find him, we’re doing with him as we please.

    • Look up the word community again … if you can. I can tell you probably love to break the law when you call police officers “pigs”

      • Yeah they like to call them pigs until they need an ambulance or their baby’s mama Uncle’s daddy sister’s cousin gets shot up then 911 is the first number they call. Then they’re all on TV talking about what a travesty it is. Funny how that works doesn’t it!

  • Despite all the recent happenings in Gainesville, I can unequivocally confirm the person in the photo is not Harvey Ward. Harvey is, shall we say…large, to be the person in this photo who allegedly perpetuated the crime. That, combined with Harvey’s propensity for wearing a mask would lead me to believe this individual isn’t him.
    Just glad I was able to narrow the field of suspects.

  • KEVIN STEVENSON registered sex offender former resident at GRACE Marketplace

  • Interesting that they have no info on the hotel, or time this occurrence happened

  • Democraps that ruin I mean run our shi tty are to blame. I think we could fix all this if we just keep taxing the heck out of everybody. Very soon nobody will be able to live here and there will be no one here to commit crimes.

  • It doesn’t matter how many police you put in the streets or how much time you give someone in jail or prison. If the criminal doesn’t want to change he want change. The crime is goin to be repeated, criminals don’t care about MORE police or crime, why do you think they keep committing crime? A lot of you keyboard warriors need to realize that. Laws aren’t goin to stop any criminals from getting guns it’s to easy to do. Gun problems is everywhere not just Florida. Even in states where guns are entirely banned .

  • It’s called a hotel, but isn’t that the GRACE overflow ex-motel next to lovely Kirkwood? Talk about gullible voters waking up, Kirkwood is where the city wanted multiplex infill “affordable units” put in.

    • Yeah, how dare those people in Kirkwood have really big yards and lots of privacy. Who do they think they are? And those historic oak trees need to be burned up for electricity ASAP.

  • When his homies see the video, and they sure he got away with it, it’s like the opening scenes from 2001 A Space Odyssey 😜

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