GPD dismantles Drug Trafficking Organization known as the “Billy Blood”

Press release from Gainesville Police Department

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – The Gainesville Police Department Drug Taskforce / 8th Judicial Circuit Violent Crime and Narcotics Taskforce completed a 5-month investigation by dismantling a local Drug Trafficking Organization (DTO), known in part as the “Billy Blood.” This local drug trafficking organization was responsible for distributing fentanyl, cocaine, substituted cathinone “molly,” cannabis, and prescription medications. Several of the subjects have been involved in recent violent acts within Alachua County.

Law enforcement executed eight residential search warrants: five within the City of Gainesville, two within Alachua County, and a residence in Lake County, Florida. As a result, law enforcement seized 8.1 grams of fentanyl (enough to kill over two thousand individuals), one kilogram of substituted cathinone, 17.2 pounds of cannabis, ½ kilogram of cocaine, and various prescription medication with an approximate street value of $54,000. Additionally, over $40,000 in U.S. Currency was seized, in addition to 12 firearms, two of which were reported stolen.

Arrest warrants have been issued for several members of this organization, and law enforcement expects additional members to be charged soon. If you have any information regarding these subjects, please contact the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office Warrants Division, Investigator D. Cruz, at 352-258-5913 or Crime Stoppers at 352-372-STOP.

  • Deante Alston, 30
  • Brandon Anderson, 33
  • Alphonso Brown, 47
  • Keegan Campbell, 33
  • Leneiall Sapp, 30,
  • Abraham Thompson, 32 (in custody)
  • Antalisha Williams, 30

The Gainesville Police Department and the State Attorney’s Office for the Eighth Judicial Circuit would like to thank the following agencies for their assistance: Alachua County Sherriff’s Office, Lake County Sheriff’s Office Special Investigations Bureau / Narcotics Unit, the Drug Enforcement Administration, University of Florida Police Department, the Florida Highway Patrol, and the Columbia County Sherriff’s Office.

  • Great start. Keep up the good work. Hopefully the judicial system will follow through with appropriate sentencing for these idiot who have no regard for human life dealing poison.

  • Priorities. Why couldn’t they put such initiative into setting an alarm clock and going to school or work, instead? Let’s guess why… priorities.

  • Six dopers off the street, very good. Now, how about the players who brought that s@#% to Alachua county from Mexico?
    Little fish does not a meal make. It appears that neither the feds or any other agency is addressing the pipeline problem.
    Answer, too much money to be lost by the US economy. Don’t believe it, look at video of then Bush (daddy) at Whitehouse when told by a HIGH ranking member of the DEA that the money trail from Columbia went straight to the Presidents office.
    He looked liked he was going to run! Of course nothing was ever done about it.

  • The season opener didn’t go well for the Gators but there’s still a lot of ball to be played.

    Great job by law enforcement putting the legal system in good field position, hopefully the local SA won’t fumble this one or settle for a tie.

  • Looks like the “left” may be more “right” than they want us to know; this country is being destroyed from within – this group appears homegrown.
    Hopefully the system can find a permanent residence for these criminals.
    For the liberals who disagree, there’s a communal home not far from Gainesville.

    • this has absolutely nothing to do with liberalism or conservatism and you people who are so obsessed with projecting your politics onto everything you see need legitimate psychological help

      • Here we go…Liberals like to blame all conservatives for the circus that happened on 1/6. They also like to blame all policeman for some of the racially motivated offenses against others. They also assert the threat to democracy are conservative values. Some white people like to blame all the crime on black people. None are fair or correct conclusions and the assertion conservatives are an internal threat to this country is utter nonsense.

        These people were trafficking in illegal drugs, they’re from the United States and they apparently didn’t care much for those they peddled those drugs to.
        That being said, liberals will say they were targeted due to their physical appearance instead of the 5 month investigation of the crimes they allegedly committed. Last I checked, Raiford doesn’t segregate due to party affiliation. Feel better?

  • Where did they come up with the name “Billy Blood” ? There needs to be a special law for Fentanyl. Anyone caught trafficking, possession, importing, or dealing it should be charged with a felony that includes a death sentence. These people di not care who they kill why should we care about them taking another breath.

    • Maybe you should keep personal opinions to yourself ! You don’t know these people if it was you you wouldn’t want them on here talking about you.

      • opinions about about a group of wanna be gangstas thinking it’s ok to peddle poison to the community is not and shouldn’t be personal. My personal opinion is that you must care about human life either. I dont think this pack of idiots would be on here anyway because it actually requires some intelligence to form sentences. And let them talk I not the drug dealer or wanna be gangsta.

  • Yall want to blame these thugs but who yall should be blaming is your government there at the top of this chain if you want to put an end to these drugs you can but to many pockets are being g filled from this stuff so that’s where your problem lies stop point fingers and earn up to what this country has become it won’t ever end and that the truth to the matter so all yall on here your wasting your breath so quit

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