GPD employee resigns after internal investigation finds he got subordinate pregnant and threatened to fire her if she didn’t get an abortion


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Caleb Young, a civilian employee of the Gainesville Police Department (GPD), has resigned following an Internal Affairs investigation that recommended his dismissal after finding that he had violated department policy by having an affair with a subordinate, getting her pregnant, and then demanding that she get an abortion.

The allegations

In June 2022, a GPD officer reported second-hand information that Young had an affair with one of his subordinates, she became pregnant, and he threatened to fire her if she refused to get an abortion. At the time, the woman was no longer employed at GPD, and when a GPD Lieutenant called to ask her about the allegation, the woman denied any wrongdoing by Young.

In August 2023, the woman called the Lieutenant back and said she had not previously told the Lieutenant the truth because she was afraid for her safety and the safety of her unborn child, but now, after the birth of the baby, she was willing to cooperate.

The woman said she was hired as a part-time Interrupter in March 2022, and her supervisor was Young, who was the Program Coordinator assigned to Community Relations. She had previously met Young in September 2020 when she took a class at his company, Legacy Security Firm, to get her concealed carry permit. She said she and Young started a sexual relationship in October 2020 and that they were involved in a serious and sexual relationship until May 2022. She said Young had suggested that she apply for the Interrupters job.

The woman said she became pregnant in March 2022 and told Young on April 2, 2022. She said Young was not happy about the pregnancy and told her she needed to get an abortion or she would have to quit her job as an Interrupter. She said “everyone at GPD” knew about her relationship with Young, but they did not openly acknowledge it. She said she did not know Young was married when they first started dating, but she learned about his marriage during their relationship.

She said she refused to get an abortion and initially refused to resign, but after Young made the comment, “You can go missing,” she felt threatened and decided to resign. On April 5, she hand-wrote a letter of resignation and called Young so she could give it to him; she said Young told her to meet him in the parking lot at the Institute of Public Safety, where she noticed a GPD officer watching them from the balcony of a building. The woman said Young said her letter was not professional, crumpled it up, and gave her advice on writing a better one; she submitted a second letter of resignation on May 4, stating that her last day of work would be May 30, but Young only allowed her to finish the pay period.

The woman said her relationship with Young ended in May 2022, but Young continued to push her to have an abortion. The baby, a girl, was born in December 2022, and she said Young named their daughter.

The woman said that when the Lieutenant called her in June 2022, she was with Young, and he insisted on listening to the conversation and told her what to say.

She said she requested that Young take a paternity test, and after “months of dodging” the test, he submitted DNA, but the test indicated that he is not the father of the baby. The woman said she believes that Young somehow manipulated the paternity test.

The woman gave Internal Affairs access to her phone as part of the investigation.


The investigation found that the woman’s employment ended on May 10, 2022, with a note stating that she “SUBMITTED A LETTER OF RESIGNATION EFFECTIVE MAY 31, 2022 BUT HER SUPERVISOR CHOSE TO END HER EMPLOYMENT EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY.” Young is listed as her supervisor in the system.

The investigator reported that photos, videos, and text messages were found on the woman’s phone, indicating that she and Young were involved in a sexual relationship from October 2020 until May 2022. There are also reportedly text messages referring to the woman getting an abortion and quitting her job at GPD. According to the report, the two shared “texts, photos, and video with each other, but also communicating like a couple about their days, their work, church, and their children.”

According to the report, the woman sent a text to Young on April 7, telling him she decided to keep the child and telling him to “do you self a favor and sign your rights over.” On May 4, she texted Young that he was “making it a hostile environment for me to even come back up to GPD” because she felt he wanted to “terminate [her] tomorrow.”

In October 2022, according to the report, Young asked for a key to her residence, saying, “My baby gone be there.” Later that month, the woman asked Young to spell the baby’s name, and Young said he needed to figure out how he wanted to spell it. After the baby was born, the woman sent Young a text asking how to pronounce the baby’s name, and Young sent her an audio recording, pronouncing the name.

In December 2022, the woman reportedly sent Young pictures and videos of the baby with the message, “Congratulations You Are Now A Girls Dad.” The texts stopped abruptly in May 2023 and resumed in August, when the woman reportedly accused Young of manipulating the paternity test and Young asked her to leave him alone.

In another text, according to the report, Young told the woman he was deep in thought, and when she asked him what he was thinking about, he replied, “How much ion [I don’t] like white people.” The woman changed the subject, and there was reportedly no further discussion.

One officer who was interviewed said he warned the woman not to work with Young; he said he “did not trust Young because of several incidents that happened at Reichert House when he worked there with him.” He said that when he learned Young wanted her to get an abortion and was threatening her job, he encouraged her to report what was happening and said she did not want to resign.

The officer that the woman saw on the balcony reportedly did not remember seeing Young at the Institute for Public Safety at first, but he later recalled that Young had taught a concealed firearms class on April 5, 2022, and had stepped out to the parking lot during the class. He said he recalled going onto the balcony during a break.

Young’s supervisor reportedly said he had nothing to do with the woman’s resignation and did not know she was listed as “TERMINATED” in the City’s system. He said Young would only have the authority to recommend termination of an employee; the supervisor would have had to get involved to actually terminate the employee, but he said he was not involved.

A Personnel Clerk reportedly told the investigator she had sent an email to Young, explaining how to terminate an employee in the City’s system; although she did not remember a conversation with Young, she said she must have spoken with him about the woman because otherwise she would not have known to send him the information. She said Young entered the termination record and added, “Caleb Young: Originally I received letter of resignation on 05/04/2022. However, at the request of [the woman] her last day be on Friday May 9, 2022.”

Interview of Young

Young was reportedly interviewed while he was on paid administrative suspension following a sworn complaint charging him with assault and battery on a law enforcement officer. Young reportedly wanted to have an attorney present for the interview, but the investigator said he did not have the right to have an attorney present because it was an administrative interview, not a criminal interview. Young came to GPD for the interview and again asked for an attorney or witness after the first question; he did not accept the first witness that was offered and said he believed he was entitled to a representative. However, his current position is not represented by a union; he eventually agreed to the interview, reportedly saying he would “get in trouble” if he did not. The investigator noted that as an employee of GPD, Young was required to answer the questions truthfully.

Young reportedly said he “thinks” he was the woman’s supervisor at GPD and that he could not remember if their relationship was sexual before she worked for GPD. He reportedly confirmed that he and the woman had a sexual relationship while she was a GPD employee; he said he did not know she was pregnant while she was employed at GPD or at the time of her resignation. He said he heard rumors that the baby was his after he found out she was pregnant.

Young reportedly said he never told the woman to have an abortion or resign from GPD and said he never suggested that she resign from GPD; he said it was the opposite, that he wanted to expand her role. When asked if he suggested she have an abortion, he reportedly said he told her he didn’t want any kids.

Young reportedly said the woman provided him with a letter of resignation, but he encouraged her to stay, then she gave him a second letter of resignation “a few months later.” He said she did not tell him why she wanted to resign, saying it was a personal matter.

When asked why the City’s system shows the woman as “terminated,” Young reportedly said he does not have the power to terminate an employee and did not make a recommendation to terminate the woman; he also said he did not ask his supervisor to handle the resignation. When the investigator showed Young the entry stating that the woman’s supervisor had chosen to end her employment immediately, the investigator wrote that Young “thought for a minute and then said he thought he remembered that [the woman] wanted to be paid for the remainder of the month, but did not plan on coming to work. Young said he was not going to do that, so that is why [the City’s system] says she was terminated.”

Young showed the investigator the paternity test results on his phone, and they reportedly showed 0% chance that he was the baby’s father. He reportedly said he had not had any contact with the woman since receiving the test results in August 2023 and said he did not know the baby’s name until someone else told him. When the investigator followed up, asking him to confirm that he did not name the baby, Young reportedly confirmed that he did not name the baby.

Young reportedly played a recording of the woman’s call with the Lieutenant for the investigator, saying he had been sitting with the woman when she denied having any issues with Young.


The investigator concluded that Young and the woman had a sexual relationship before and during the woman’s employment with GPD, when Young was her supervisor, and that Young never disclosed the relationship to anyone at GPD. The woman became pregnant, and the investigator wrote, “While Young denied that he forced [the woman] to resign or have an abortion, there are multiple texts from [the woman] during this time frame to both Young and others that refer to being forced to resign or have an abortion.” The investigator also concluded that Young terminated the woman before her desired resignation date and that the woman’s explanation of her resignation “is supported by text messages and conversations while Young’s explanation is not supported by what is documented in [the City’s systems].”

The investigator also concluded that the woman’s allegations are supported by the data recovered from her phone and testimony provided by witnesses, while Young’s statements “are either not supported by any evidence or are in contradiction to the evidence in this investigation.” One of the examples provided was that Young claimed to not know the baby’s name, while the woman’s phone had text messages showing that Young had chosen the name and had even sent her an audio message telling her how to pronounce the name.

The allegation in this investigation was that Young violated a City rule that prohibits “Immoral, unlawful, or improper conduct or indecency, whether on or off the job which would tend to affect the employee’s relationship to his/her job, fellow workers’ reputations or goodwill in the community,” and the investigator concluded that the allegation was “SUSTAINED.” The report notes that the recommended discipline consisted of “Written Instruction and Cautioning in the form of an Employee Notice and Dismissal.” Young was reportedly allowed to resign from GPD.

According to City records, Young made $29.41 per hour, or $61,172.80 per year.

The report was completed on October 12, 2023, and signed by multiple members of the command staff, including Chief Inspector Jaime Kurnick, Assistant Chief Nelson Moya, and Chief Lonnie Scott, on October 18.

    • Perhaps that new “violence interrupter” trend— instead of arresting so many persons of color, which makes the equity data look better.

    • Can anyone believe the shenanigans that has gone on with these basic criminals running Reichert House and the related parts. Sex with subordinates and lying about everything. Chief Tony Jones put up with this malarkey for years. Someone like state police need to clean house, all the riff-raff need gone quickly. What’s next? Maybe get George Soros to recommend a prosecutor with get out of jail free cards, then make Caleb Young a uniformed cop in charge of female juveniles? Real good Gainesville!

    • Possibly they meant Interpreter. No idea if she knew another language but some things indicate in story that this might be the case. I have no idea what the story was saying if not interpreter.

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    onion layers. The more you look, the more is going to be exposed.
    Must have a full-time criminal investigation of the program and forensic audit.
    It concerns me that sealed DNA evidence may have been tampered with.
    How much deeper into GPD does this go?

  • Keep you pecker in your pants. It’s not safe out there (Hill Street Blues reference).

  • The same Caleb Young who made threats against a Gainesville Police Department officer at a high school football game earlier this month.

  • Yeah, he”s such a great piece of sh*t who doesn’t like white people and cheats on his wife and then threatens the woman he’s having an affair with to get an abortion. He’ll run into the right one one day with his attitude and fortunately he’s been documented as somebody who likes to threaten and intimidate. Make for a easy case when he gets a tag on his toe.

    • Agree. Since he apparently thinks with his “appendage” he can’t be too smart. What could go wrong? Duh

  • Same punk made threats to a GPD officer and towards a principal at GHS who no longer wished for him to be on their property. BTW; the entire GPD dept. AND City Commissioners should be thoroughly investigated. Throw Elder Care of Alachua County into the mix as they have received complaints of preferential and improper distribution of the congregate meals by a mean lunch lady who wields food paid by donors and grants as a way to gain favor (primarily of her own kin) and perks from recipients.

  • Perfect. GPD is turning into a Reichert house merger acquisition 🤡👹🍦🍦🍦🍦D

    • Yeah, all of this Save Reichert House non-sense is just feel-good reverse racism to throw money at supposedly needy minority kids. Trouble is the program is and always has been run by cheats and thugs like Caleb young who misuse funds and lie about where it went. Total scam classes a few times a year where they get some connected player to create a new training business then send 20-30 kids there for a few hours a day that week for a $1,000 a kid. No telling how the funds were split. Nothing but a scam.

  • The real issue is Mr. Young was allowed to go unchecked for years and years by Cheif Tony Jones and GPD admin. There have been numerous complaints about his actions, all of which were brushed under the rug which allowed him to get bolder. Instead of discipline he received pay raises. These recent incidents are a result of GPD’s ineffective leadership and should have never had the opportunity to occur.

    • He did the same thing to his first wife and left her for his 2nd wife who he met through work.

  • Horrifying all around, but even more horrifying this creep was paid more than many officers. Officers who have worked at the department for years. This place is a joke.

  • Unfortunately these are the kinds of officers you end up with when you use race-based criteria to fill positions. Placing more of an emphasis on reaching quotas instead of putting the most talented and qualified people in place gets you officers like Caleb Young every time.

    • Race-based are you saying white officers do no wrong? If it’s about actions of adultery, that has no color. Professionalism doesn’t either

  • This is only the beginning! There are probably a dozen women with the same story about him. He is known to check phone records, use air tags and make up bogus stories about how he cant have kids. If the babies name is Sovereign, thats his baby! He always wanted a baby girl named Sovereign.

    • You must of been all in the mix to see that church song and say its a child’s name. It’s sad that you comment but keep switching the name tag. To know what he does in a personal relationship such as checking phones and placing air tags..were you a bitter side piece or no😂

  • Yuck I just googled him and wow, he looks like one of the panhandlers. Also, to think any officials/ bureaucrats in our town have the word ‘ion’ in their vocabularly (that is, if it’s not referring to chemistry). Scary thought.

    “Hello, is this GPD? There’s a methed up 100x felon outside my door threating me with harm. I need a Gainesville Violence Interrupter.”
    >’A’ight I finna send one.’
    “How soon, I need help fast!?”
    >’Ion know.’

  • Married and foolin around at work and the whole dang department knew of it, including you Lonnie!
    Lousy leadership as usual from the top.
    Another example of double standards at GPD. Apparently as is always the case with this department, weather it be the Reichert House, community services or whatever fashionable title they call it, dirty deeds are swept under the rug and denied.

    • The crazy part about this whole thing is the lady that saying she had a baby from him is lying. The baby is not. He is for one him and his wife were separated. At the time he started fooling around with this lady he was staying with the lady every night this is a bunch of bullshit. The same lady does accusing him of all of this even pulled a gun on someone because they didn’t tell her. He was Married as she got away with it. .

      • She knew he was married because she was only coming around certain places and moving like she was creeping like he was. She was messing with another man at the time too. That’s the truth because I know what my eyes have seen from both sides. They both knew what they were doing and now things just got REAL for both of them.

  • There is systemic racism in the department. I doubt Curry is any better. You can see the hate all over her stupid face.

  • Black supremacists and overt racism against whites have been running rampant at GPD for years at this point. The Reichert House may well have been a support group for the Nation of Islam. A full change in leadership is the only possibility for redemption at this point.

  • Great. Another sexual harassment/wrongful termination lawsuit against the city waiting to happen…again.

    • Would only be another million $ or so, not like the $3 million Ward wasted for optics reasons so he could blame new debt on the new GRU oversight. Oh yeah, cut off his big morning bacon plates at city hall. Eats like a starving wild man!

  • He was allowed to resign meaning he gets to keep his retirement plan after all this corruption??? This means the people behind him are even more corrupt!
    This is certainly not the first or 5th side chick he has had during his current or former marriage and also not the first secret pregnancy. One look at his facebook page and you would never know he is married with 3 children by his former and current. Wife.
    This is deeper than Reichart House and deeper than GPD. This man has been hiding behind his suit and his “Legacy” for his entire adult life and those who have assisted him shall be revealed as well.

  • What a piece of human garbage. A great legacy of Tony Jones and Lonnie Scott.

  • This is GPD. Incompetent thugs. Why should anyone believe fair an impartial treatment from any GPD officer?

  • Look. You looking in the wrong place.
    Go to the child support office off 441, order up and official DNA test from them, and then we know the results will be right.

  • Let us look on the positive side. With all the nepotism at GPD, I for one am thankful the staffer he impregnated was not his aunt, sister, or daughter.

  • Fun Fact:

    Officer Bivens has been the subject of many controversies since employment. Here’s one example-

    During the academy, he disrespected a guest speaker and then a Sgt who told him to stop. Bivens didn’t stop. The Sgt confronted him again…Bivens went off and began to yell at the Sgt.

    Fast forward

    The police academy reviewed the case, interviewed witnesses, watched video. They determined he was at fault and they kicked him out of the academy.

    Fast forward

    Chief Jones, who had a reputation for covering bad behavior for certain types of officers, told the Sgt he was not allowed to teach at the academy anymore. He then allowed Bivens to stay at GPD and let him go to the Ocala Academy.

    In any other case, the officer would have been fired. Not when Tony gets involved.

    Racism and favoritism runs rampant at GPD. Btw, That Sgt ended up quitting and going to a better agency…he was so fed up with the corruption that fell on deaf ears.

    True story..do a public records request.

  • The allegation in this investigation was that Young violated a City rule that prohibits “Immoral, unlawful, or improper conduct or indecency, whether on or off the job which would tend to affect the employee’s relationship to his/her job, fellow workers’ reputations or goodwill in the community.”

    Hmmm…anyone know others employed by the City who should have to follow the same rule? Again it appears there’s rules for thee and rules for me.

  • Sleeping with a subordinate is where personnel action should have started and ended. All the rest of it is added mess. Wonder what the Mrs. is thinking because this is quite humiliating.

    • She will be fine as she got him the same way…..messing with him on the job causing him to leave his first wife

  • Just an observation. Two of the front page articles on the Chronicle are about crooked scumbag GPD cops. Coincidence, or evidence of how things are there on 6th street?

    • This guy “Caleb Young” was not a cop. He was something else that got paid more than the cops due to that black supremacist Tony Jones

  • Big shocker- his criminal case of assaulting an officer has already been dropped. Numerous witnesses & everything!
    This smells like Tony Jones…

  • >