Update: GPD has one in custody following fatal stabbing

Press release from Gainesville Police Department

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Gainesville Police Department officers are on the scene of a fatal stabbing that happened at 10:07 a.m. in the 3100 block of SW 26th Drive. One suspect is in custody.

GPD updated the release to state that detectives are interviewing the person who stabbed the victim this morning. The suspect has not been arrested, and the investigation is continuing. The stabbing appears to have stemmed from some sort of altercation.

Two men have now been arrested.

  • Good ‘ol Phoenix never disappoints! How many murders does that make in Alachua county this year?

  • This happened literally 100 feet from my house. At least it wasn’t a shooting this time.

  • Look on the bright side – it may have been someone who deserved it. Fingers crossed!

    • definitely not , he was a very good friend of mine , but irregardless , NO ONE deserves that ..,there is no bright side …he has family that have to go through this, and even the suspect , definitely o bright side for him or his family ,

  • Like Holly Heights, that area is a warren of “workforce affordable housing.” One would think that with all of the work that the workforce must do, they wouldn’t have time to indulge in basic idle-hands crimes like knifing somebody.

    • So when a cop gets arrested for something heinous he’s a bad apple in the bunch… but the same logic doesn’t apply to people living in subsidized housing? Hmm

      • Not when 98.9% of violant crimes are done by a certain race. Period.
        It’s ok to single yall out about everything else… But when it comes to accountability for overwhelming actions…o you can’t say it’s all of us… No one said it is all of yall… But yall… Have a major problem with your fatherless kids and it shows.
        Keep posting the blame on everyone else… Yall just deteriorating from the inside out 😂😂
        Highest crime…. Highest fatherless kids…. Lowest education scores… Lowes average household incomes… Highest percentage of murders by a overwhelming number… Get real.
        Wake up and smell the maxwell house.

    • It should be owned, not rental workforce units. Owners protect their investments better.

  • Prediction: Knife attacks will increase when Alachua County begins their new jobs training classes in butchery and meat cutting at the new Newberry tax funded Slaughterhouse.

  • If the suspect hasn’t been arrested it means the victim was threatening him in some way, witnesses too maybe.

  • My mother is a good Christian woman with no criminal record. She lives under section 8 housing. We can’t allow thugs to take affordable housing away from our law abiding seniors.

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