GPD investigating attempted homicide at Village and Forest Green Apartments

Press release from Gainesville Police Department

GPD is currently investigating an attempted homicide that occurred an approximately 4:40 a.m. on July 14th, 2020 in the Village and Forest Green Apartments located at 3101 N.E. 15th Street.

Officers responded to reports from a caller who indicated his vehicle was shot several times as he was leaving the apartment complex. The victim said 3-4 males were standing outside his vehicle when the shots were fired. Over 5 bullets struck the victim’s vehicle, including the cab and back window, as well as a nearby occupied house and an unoccupied structure. No injuries occurred, although innocent neighbors were put in danger.

This incident occurred within 9 hours of a shooting at the Days Inn on S.W. 13th Street. Detectives do not believe these shootings are related.

These incidents bring the total number of shootings that GPD has investigated in 2020 to over 80, doubling the number of shooting incidents that occurred by this time last year, and surpassing the total number of shooting incidents in Gainesville from 2019.

GPD Chief Tony Jones remains concerned with the number of firearms on the streets and the number of shootings in Gainesville. He continues to look for innovative ways to stop these incidents from occurring and stem the growing trend of shootings in our community. GPD seeks vigorous charges and prosecution for all those involved in these violent incidents.

Anybody with information regarding this investigation is asked to contact GPD detectives at 352-393-7670 or remain anonymous by reporting information to Crime Stoppers at: 352-372-7687 or https://www.stopcrime.tv/

  • I’ll be surprised if local leadership doesn’t encourage law enforcement to “turn the other way” in their ongoing efforts to quell the recent civil unrest.
    No blood, no foul.

  • So on one hand GPD administration and chiefs are announcing their intention to cut back on number officers and reappropriating funds……… now they’re concerned about the number of weapons and shootings onthe streets if Gainesville. Here’s an idea…… don’t defund your department or your officers………. MORONS!!!!

  • I am not advocating for less police funding, but I submit that more police will not make any difference. How many police would need to be hired to have a standing occupation army to have a police car in the parking lot of every apartment complex at 4:40 AM? It cannot be done. Police do not stop crimes like this, at best they investigate and solve them.

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