GPD investigating death of 3-year-old child who was playing with gun

Press release from Gainesville Police Department

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – On Wednesday, August 24, 2022, at approximately 5:57 p.m., multiple Gainesville Police Department (GPD) Officers and Emergency Medical Services responded to Lamplighter Mobile Home Community in reference to a shooting involving a three-year-old child.

Initial investigation revealed the victim obtained a firearm from an unlocked gun case/toolbox in the home. The victim was playing with the firearm when it went off, striking him. Two other juveniles witnessed the incident. The victim was transported to the hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries.

GPD Detectives and Forensic Members responded to the scene to conduct an investigation and collect evidence. Victim Advocates also responded to the scene to assist relatives with support and resources.

GPD Detectives are actively investigating the matter at this time.

  • If only we had a law to prevent 3 year olds from playing with guns. I’m sure that will take care of fixing stupid parents.

    • Sad, an innocent child had their life end prematurely due to that stupidity.

      We should have a law that prevents stupid people from becoming parents.

  • Likely another casualty of failed gov’t housing policy. Doesn’t matter if subsidized or slumlord trailers.

    • You don’t like trailer parks? Lamplighter has a lot of decent families and is an OK place. It’s not like the crappy trailer parks along Waldo Rd, near 16th Ave and 23rd Ave.

  • A child died. Whether it was the parents fault or not they’re going through a lot. Probably even more so because it IS their fault. It would be really cool if y’all could lay off the judgemental BS every once in a while. Offer condolences or pledge a prayer for the family. Save the “I’m better than you” crap for another occasion

  • All I can ask. Where were the parents? Why weren’t you watching those baby’s And why was the gun left loaded and unlock? Don’t matter the neighborhood this can happen anywhere. You have to be a responsible gun owner to own a gun if you are not don’t own one. As for the poor baby boy. GOD BLESS YOU & your siblings.

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