UPDATED: GPD investigating downtown shooting death

Press release from Gainesville Police Department

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – This morning at approximately 1:07 a.m., while on foot patrol in the downtown area, Gainesville Police Department officers heard gunshots that prompted a response to the area of 100 South Main Street. Shortly after, the Combined Communications Center began receiving several calls regarding the shooting. A male victim was located on the sidewalk with a gunshot wound. Citizens and officers rendered aid to the victim until EMS arrived. The victim was transported to Shands Hospital and pronounced deceased.

Officers located a crime scene along the grassy area on the west side of the Alachua County Tax Collector’s Office. Detectives and the Forensic Crime Unit arrived on the scene and began investigating the incident. A preliminary investigation revealed that it appears that at some point a physical confrontation between the victim and others occurred that ended in gunfire. The suspect fled and has not been located, as of this writing.

Detectives are still actively investigating this incident and following up on additional evidence and leads. GPD urges anyone with information to contact GPD Detective V. Bernal at 352-393-7729. You can also remain anonymous and contact Crimestoppers at 352-372-7867 or submit a tip online at www.stopcrime.tv.

The GPD family sends condolences to all of the victim’s family and friends. GPD urges our neighbors to report all instances of gun violence and proposed violence observed on social media. We encourage anyone who is being victimized to report it to law enforcement by calling “911” or calling the non-emergency number 352-955-1818 and/or seek program services assistance from the Alachua County Victim Services 352-264-6760.

  • Only fools go to downtown Gainesville at this point. It has become so overridden with ghetto violence that anyone is liable to get shot in the midst of all this trash.

    • Gainesville is getting like other democratic ran cities. High crime, high taxes and high homelessness

    • Not really. If you are the typical Gainesvillian lacking in common sense, I guess I’d think twice. I do think having parking areas spread out everywhere is safer than making everyone park in a big garage. People are less likely to commit crimes if there are cars parked everywhere with possible witnesses inside looking on. But the city wants to bleed everyone dry for parking fees, and the woke children want to pretend we are Portland, Oregon or something.

  • If they don’t address the increase in violent crime (sorry, but guns don’t commit crimes despite the media trying to convince us otherwise). the businesses downtown will lose their customer base and additional tax revenues. Then they will be crying poor mouth and trying to boost our property taxes and add ‘special fees’ too.

  • What a great way to show off the downtown area to parents this graduation weekend.

    All of you who voted for the progressive liberal decay occurring in Gainesville – don’t blame the gun, blame yourselves.

    • True. Wonder how many parents heard or read the news and said, “that could have been my child” or “thank goodness my child is gone from this cesspool.”

  • Nice, on graduation weekend too. Another blemish on our beloved downtown’s mascara.

  • “GPD urges our neighbors to report all instances of gun violence and proposed violence observed on social media. We encourage anyone who is being victimized to report it to law enforcement by calling “911”…”
    Been there did that, NEVER AGAIN GPD! 2.5 years later and I’m still living the nightmare that Gainesville and GPD have forced upon me. Officer Milman is still on the force and is going to sue the city because they finally held him accountable for his prejudice and abuse of power (see K9 unit breakdown and T. Bradley case)
    Even GPD is starting to eat their own in Gangsville.
    This city needs a total reset or we will be the national example of things gone wrong Chief Scott not the best in the world like you say you are. And what is all this nonsense about Reichert House! Curry says GPD is going to take over three programs that they’ve already run into the ground. They are EXPANDING Reichert House under a very questionable “non-profit”, Palm Breeze Youth Academy. Do some research Gainesville. We are being lied to every day.
    The city commission and GPD need state intervention at every level. We will never recover our hope and dignity with these clowns in charge.

      • Well, YT… what “glass house” are you referring to? I use my real name because I stand behind what I say and can back it up with more than speculation and comments on something you know nothing about. Care to have an open air debate on any topic I have commented on? I think people that hide behind anonymity obviously have something to hide. Come into the Sunshine where facts are facts or just keep your “alternative facts” to yourself.

  • King Awipe Poe and Fat Harvey and the rest of the now Infamous Stooge Gainesville City Commissioners need to be reported to whomever Governs Crime Control. These shootings by their encouraging agendas simply need to stop. We now need a stop and frisk order for downtown and uptown, Improved law enforcement , New District Attorney, and for God sake change the open container ordinance. Bars need to close at Midnight to start with. Is there no responsibility and accountability to the losers running Gainesville? You would thing facing a $38,000,000.00 deficit they would wake up from their wokeness. The well deserved downward spiral continues until someone sue the Sh$#$%t out of them and the entities promoting and encouraging the lawlessness. It just beyond stuck on stupid . It is premediated lawlessness and carnage.

  • This is the first Sunday after Peaceful Sundays was ended. Who knows what could happen. We might have a bunch of angry entitled folks taking over a different park or something(?)

  • If there really were a “social contract” to which we must conform, it would include language to the effect “In exchange for labor collected in the form of taxes, the Government will provide basic services including crime deterrence, defense from aggressive foreign governments, mechanisms for enforcing contracts, and basic infrastructure.” I think our local government is in gross breach of contract.

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