Updated: GPD investigating fatal shooting at The Polos

Press release from Gainesville Police Department

Updated at 1 p.m. on 3/18 with new information from GPD

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Earlier in the evening, GPD responded to a domestic battery. The suspect made his way into an ex-girlfriend’s apartment and physically assaulted her. He fled the area prior to our arrival. The victim’s father also responded.

Approximately 30 minutes later, the suspect returned and again made entry into her apartment. The father, who was armed with a handgun, fired one shot at the suspect and struck him in the chest.

The suspect fled, and arriving officers discovered him next to his car. They started CPR until EMS arrived and pronounced him deceased.

At this time, the investigation continues.

Original report: Police are on the scene of a fatal shooting located in the 2300 block of SW Williston Road. Officers responded to the Polos Apartments at 9:30 p.m. and discovered a man with a gunshot wound to the chest. He died at the scene.

  • Sadly, the onetime “luxury student apartments” way far away off campus are now turning into SWAG exurbs. Very sad and tragic.

  • There is NO safe place to live in Gainesville. Gangbangers, dopers, they are everywhere! Move while you can people.

  • According to GPD the deceased had broken and entered and ex girlfriend’s apartment, TWICE. The second time her FATHER was on scene and shot the perp in the chest. He died after trying to be assisted, in scene. GO DAD!

    • I’m so glad that you can read and comprehend because that could’ve been her life. Meanwhile others are on here talking about gangbangers. Smh

  • Aaaaamen! I love to see stories like this. This fella found out the hard way what our fearless Governor declared a few months back- this is a 2nd Amendment state and we DO NOT back down! If you want to try and assault my family and commit a home invasion, you are leaving in a bodybag no doubt. Good for this protective father.

  • Poor boyfriend…….he now must be a ‘victim’ of so called…’gun violence’. I wonder if this was the ‘type’ of boyfriend who lives off their girlfriends.

  • All of us would’ve done the same thing to protect our daughter. No matter If it happend in the ghetto or Town of Tioga the shooting is justified it seems like cut the BS about swag and all the other crap out

  • Justice served through a smoking barrel.

    Dad had the right idea to protect his family. Hopefully he was allowed to do so.

    If you’re legally able, may want to follow this dad’s example and be prepared to protect your family as well.

  • He did what he should have done protect his daughter. I would have done the same thing to protect my children. I know this man and he would not have done anything like this unless it was ultimately and absolutely necessary. Good Daddys protect their children and fight for their rights to live. This is a stand your ground state. And he was standing his ground for his daughter. Who had been beaten and assaulted. What in the heck does anyone expect otherwise. This should not even be a case. This should be just what it is a stand your ground in a stage ground state. Fight for your rights and your children’s rights you have the right to do that!

  • Fun to watch the comment narrative of the low-IQ AC readership pivot as more facts are made available. What started as a mundane “no place in Harvey Ward’s woke Gainesville is safe from crime!” quickly turned into “hooray for the vigilante justice we all love!” Tomorrow, we’ll learn dad is an illegal and y’all won’t know what to think.

    • I don’t mind raising yours…

      a member of a self-appointed group of citizens who undertake law enforcement in their community without legal authority, typically because the legal agencies are thought to be inadequate.

      protector noun
      ​a person, an organization or a thing that protects somebody/something

      Dad didn’t appoint himself to be law enforcement. He asserted himself as any good father would to protect his daughter. May be safe to assume the actions you would take if it were your daughter.
      “Stop!” “Don’t!” “No!” – people with ill intent usually don’t pay much attention to those words.

    • Wow – so witty – your IQ must be so high! (Actually, that’s the stupidest attempt at a joke I’ve heard in a while.)

    • Nothing changed between no place safe in Gainesville and the father eliminating the pos. It is great to read that the abuser will never have another opportunity to put his hands on another lady.

  • I don’t feel sorry for him. He was not invited, he assaulted the young lady, she called her father, and he came over and did what any father would have done, he protected her. Trust me I’d have done exactly the same thing. You mess with my daughter, it wouldn’t end well for you.

  • If the ex boyfriend broke into the apartment to commit another violent crime the victim’s father did what every parent should do. Protect and defend their child. He got away with it once and came back for more.

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