GPD looking for 2016-2022 Volvo XC90 in connection with fatal hit-and-run

Volvo XC90

Press release from Gainesville Police Department

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Gainesville Police Department has updated the vehicle description in this incident. They are looking for a 2016-2022 Volvo XC90 (a sport utility vehicle) with an unknown plate. Tips can be called into the Combined Communications Center at 352-955-1818.

On Monday, November 28, at approximately 9:38 a.m., Gainesville Police Department officers responded to the 3300 block of S. Main Street in reference to a vehicle versus bicyclist crash.

A citizen observed vehicle and bicycle debris on the west side of the roadway and sidewalk. The citizen also observed a body in the wooded area near the debris. Gainesville Fire Rescue responded and pronounced the bicyclist dead on scene.

The investigation up to this point revealed the bicyclist was traveling southbound in the curbside lane, when he was struck from behind by a silver Volvo, also traveling south. The driver of the Volvo fled the scene. The investigation is ongoing.

Updated at 4:30 p.m. on November 29 with information about the vehicle.

  • Sad. Undoubtedly Ward and Poe will engage in virtue signaling about their failed Vision Zero nonsense and blaming the State for all of the City government failures.

    How are those dedicated bike lanes and traffic calming features that delay first responders working out for the City Commission? Not very well.

  • He was bicycling in the curbside traffic lane instead of the bike lane? I realize “that is his right” but it doesn’t show a whole lot of common sense, if that was the case. The license plate readers usually come in handy in cases like these.

    • Large stretches of major roadways in the city with poor lighting and side curbs have been labeled as ‘bikes may use the whole lane’. The only reason we don’t have tragedies like this on a daily basis is because the cyclists are smarter than the commissioners.

      • The sidewalk is a better option in a situation like that (going the same direction as traffic).

        • Mr. Peabody
          The last time I checked, riding a bike on the sidewalk is illegal in the city of Gainesville. I agree sidewalk riding would be safer. I ride bikes, but never on a road that puts me next to traffic if I can help it. Too many people are too busy looking at their phones to be safe

          • Cyclists ignore the dedicated bike lane and ride on the sidewalk and expect pedestrians to jump out of the way when they approach from behind. Her rid of the stupid bike lanes and require 12 ft sidewalks to accommodate both.

          • It is perfectly legal to ride a bicycle on a sidewalk. If on a sidewalk, bicyclists must follow pedestrian rules. If on a road, bicyclists must follow vehicular laws. Don’t expect anyone, car drivers or bicyclists, to understand that distinction. From what I can see, most bicyclists (like many car drivers) make up their own “laws” to suit them as they go.

          • You’d better check again (it’s not illegal to bicycle on the sidewalk). I’m not normally a fan of biking on the sidewalk in congested areas with lots of traffic and people turning, but that’s not really the case with this stretch of road and it would be the lesser of the two evils.

      • You are right YT, google street view shows no bike lanes in that area AND there are curbs that trap any bike on the road. Any rider using the road in that area is one distracted driver away from a tragedy.

  • Find the coward who hit the cyclist and impose major prison time.
    Only a heartless selfish person would do this!
    May God Bless the soul of the cyclist who died.

  • Saanctuary Cities have had a rampant increase in hit and runs , lawlesslness. COG Commisioners and Mayors own this more than likeley.

  • I moved away from G’ville over a decade ago to a Satellite City. When in G’ville many of the sidewalks were uneven and had tree root lifts of concrete sections. They were extremely dangerous to racer type tires and could throw you off into the traffic if you hit one at wrong angle.
    Not sure if those were replaced or repaired. There were all over the City.

  • Based on the vehicle an accurate picture may include the following scenario: Sorority girl, drunk, hits guy. No one is around so she says “F” it, and drives to her apartment in the southwest. Weeks later, self guilt pressures her into making a suicide threat. She eventually confesses, and gets hauled in for the hit and run involving death. Her vehicle is located at a body shop (they somehow all are) where the shop owner played a part in hiding the vehicle. Mommy and Daddy pony up for a big name lawyer from south Florida and she gets no jail time, only community service and restitution.

    • Full size suv at 9 am on a Monday is more likely to be from a mother returning from taking her kids to school. Most people will just stupidly talk to the police and either admit their crime or poorly try to construct an alternative timeline instead of just refusing to answer questions as is their right.

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