GPD investigating homicide in downtown parking garage

Press release from Gainesville Police Department

On May, 1, 2022, at approximately 2:00 a.m., while Gainesville Police Department (GPD) officers were conducting an increased patrol in the downtown parking garage (105 SW 3rd Street), a neighbor notified officers on the scene that there was a shooting in the garage and that there was a bullet hole in their vehicle. Simultaneously, officers began searching the garage for victims as callers began reporting a shooting in the garage. Officers then discovered a male victim on the second floor with an apparent gunshot wound. A bystander was rendering aid to the victim when officers took over and continued to render aid until EMS arrived. The victim was transported to UF Health Shands and pronounced deceased a short time later.

The initial investigation indicates there was a verbal altercation between two groups of individuals that turned physical. During this altercation two individuals produced firearms, and shots were fired. The victim, who was in a physical altercation with another subject, was struck by gunfire.

GPD detectives have interviewed several witnesses directly involved in the incident.

This remains an ongoing investigation, and GPD is asking anyone with information about the incident to contact GPD Det. Russano at 352-393-7719 or RussanoDB@cityofgainesville.org. Or you can remain anonymous by contacting Crime Stoppers at 352-377-4141 or www.stopcrime.tv.

  • Damn ! Almost every freaking day in Gville there is a shootout involving gangstas

    • That’s why it should be renamed “Gangsville” the corrupt city leadership the past 8 years or so has destroyed the attitude and expected future of many residents. Ever higher property taxes, fees, code requirements, and higher GRU rates leave people with less and less in order for the crony worthless “leaders” (city commission) to waste millions on projects nobody wants. Thank you po boy, Ward, Santos, Saco, Arrierola.

      • It’s not “gangsville” they’re allowing the logo saying
        “GAYnesville”….wasn’t their an article in the AC about this?

      • Between the vagrants and the shootings, city leadership is failing. What to do? 1. Start with getting
        The vagrants & panhandlers off the street at sundown and deliver them to Grace
        Marketplace. 2. Stop serving alcohol at 10pm.

      • I’ve been saying Gangsville for a while. I don’t agree with Poe changing the name to Gaynesville. He should have people call him Maricon Poe instead of Mayor Poe if he wants to do something like that.

    • Funny how I forgot to mention or bring up “race” in my comment , sorry.

    • Don’t care if it was a white, black or any other color that shot someone. It’s uncalled for and isn’t something Gainesville should be proud of.
      City leadership and their BS policies are destroying the city.
      Wake up! Really wake up!

      • Shouldn’t the press release give more information on race? J.o : where do you come up with a “white kid gangsta” that did the shooting. Was the victim black?
        The press release doesn’t say. —-They need to close
        The bars down at 10pm and zero alcohol served after
        10pm would stop this shiz. Closing downtown GNV
        At 10pm will help lower GNV’s carbon footprint and
        Help stop global warming. The pandemic quarantines
        Resulted in a 20% reduction in CO2 emissions globally. —Poe & co; After 10pm, “ stay at home and be a super hero’..

  • With all the stuff that has happened there (going back like 20 years), that parking garage should be blanketed with video cameras by now.

    • The parking garage downtown, that parking lot downtown, the wawa on the east side,
      And that veterans hall have been places where b on b
      Crime with guns have occurred. Is it a cultural thing?

      • Give the Waffle House some time. Don’t forget the car wash has had multiple separate murders there.

        • It’s takeout only at the eastside Waffle House after a certain time. I guess they don’t trust the residents or made a bad business decision. I go to the Waffle House on 441. The chef told me about the take-out only after dark on eastside…it’s something like that…

  • No more public garages. Only allow private garages as part of new apts, condos or hotels with no public access. The new park improvements should not include garages.

    • Jeff: the public parking garages can make nice
      Accommodations for our homeless & vagrants…an expansion of Grace market. We don’t need parking garages anyway, the sustainable & environmental thing is to take RTS
      Public transportation. Stop climate change, right?

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