GPD investigating second drive-by shooting in two days

Press release from Gainesville Police Department

On Monday, July 19, 2021, at approximately 8:30 p.m., GPD responded to multiple calls of shots fired at the 1200 block of SE 19th Terrace.

After arriving to the scene, the investigation revealed that a vehicle traveling northbound on SE 19th Terrace fired multiple shots into a crowd of individuals standing outside of a residence. Two victims were shot, both with non-life threatening injuries. The vehicle then fled the scene.

GPD detectives are currently on the scene collecting evidence and interviewing witnesses. If anyone has information about this incident or has any knowledge of those involved in the shooting, please contact the GPD Investigations Divisions tip line at 352-393-7700. Or you can remain anonymous by contacting Alachua County Crime Stoppers at 352- 372-7867 or www.stopcrime.tv.

As always, GPD will continue to keep the public informed as we gather additional information concerning this incident.

  • Again?! Another proximity crime? Another black on black shooting?

    Nice to see on World News last night Gainesville made the cut with San Francisco, NYC, Portland, and DC just to name a few. King Poe and his jesters always wanted to make big time…well they did.

    Hope you liberal knuckleheads are happy with your so-called leaders. Keep calling for defund the police. Why don’t you shut up and really wake up. It ain’t the white people shooting up the neighborhood and it ain’t the guns driving down the streets. It’s unlawful criminals that could care less about your so-called systemic racism.

    • within the last 30 days or so… it was 5 shot at the American legion Hall, the
      21 year old that shot the 12 year old, 5 shot in front
      Of a convenience store on NE 8th Ave two days ago, and 2 shot yesterday in GNV. What’s the common
      Denominator? Black on black crime, Juveniles, gang activity, & drugs. Things
      Are getting bad, huh? And didn’t King Poe, the CC,
      and the SA office recently decide or are deciding to
      Let misdemeanors go for equity or something like that so that “they can
      Sorta build back better”? Is this what we get as the
      Result of cancel culture, CRT, wokeness, taking down
      Statues of Confederate generals, renaming elementary schools? Maybe a huge George Floyd statue in front
      Of city hall will stop the crime…where’s BLM? Where’s
      Al Sharpton and the other race baiters? Where are the
      Children’s fathers? Why all the black on black crime
      In Gainesville when we have a black police chief?
      Is it public policy like the legalization of medical marijuana and juveniles smoking it causing the crime?

  • So gangs are shooting up the place. Yet the “law enforcement” community cannot or will not do anything to stop it. Who is in charge and not doing anything? Tony and Clovie. Notice anything?

  • Help Wanted: Social workers in pleasant, safe environment. Start immediately anywhere in East Gainesville.

  • I’ve put some thought, didn’t take much, but after examining many of the recent black on black violence being committed does it remind anyone else of other cultures?

    Reminds me quite a bit of some middle eastern societies. They will never get along with one another. They will always seek to harm and injure one another for no reason other than spite.

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