GPD investigating shooting in Highland Court Manor

Staff report

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Gainesville Police Department officers are investigating a shooting incident in the area of 2900 NE 10th Drive. No further information is available at this time.

  • When I read this, suddenly in the back of my mind, I heard Elvis Presley performing
    “In the Ghetto”
    I don’t know why, it just happens sometimes.

    • Howdy Mr. Johnny Cash. I call it crime prevention. Leave them be and they’ll take each other out till the bad boys are gone.

  • Maybe GPD isn’t working the proper neighborhoods.
    Wasn’t Highland Park the scene of another recent shooting?
    Contrary to what the liberal knuckleheads will have you believe, the gun didn’t walk or drive down the street and decide to discharge in the direction of somebody.

    • Not all cops are dirty, not all black people are criminals, not all white people are racists…
      City leadership? That’s probably a different story.

      • I remember reading a article last year that said police corruption was less than 2 % across the country. You are right on the rest too. There is too much disinformation spread by government officials that I swear they are trying to start a race war.

  • I guess that gun crisis symposium BS thing ain’t working. More jail time for convicted felons caught with guns will work. Maybe Desantis needs to step in because the SA’s office keeps dropping charges, etc.

  • Contrary to some of your disinformation, Highland Court Manor is a good neighborhood. Yes there are a FEW bad elements here that GPD and the State Attorney won’t keep out so that the rest of us can feel safe. Not only BAD people get caught up in this SH@T.

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