GPD investigating shooting in NW Gainesville

Staff report

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – One person was injured tonight in a drive-by shooting in northwest Gainesville.

According to Gainesville Police Department (GPD), at about 8:30 p.m., two people were sitting outside a home in the 3100 block of NW 51st Place when a dark-colored vehicle drove by and shot at them. One person was shot and transported to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

GPD officers found multiple impacts on the residence and on a nearby vehicle, and multiple rifle casings were found at the scene.

No description of the vehicle or suspects is currently available; detectives are still at the scene.

  • ๐Ÿ›‘ Again, Donโ€™t worry, GPD the Fictitious heroes will Save Gainesville ๐Ÿ›‘

  • This is so sad they just shooting I’m so scared for my grandkids to grow up in this cruel world praying for to ๐ŸŒŽ let’s touch agree in Jesus name Amen ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

    • Ms Flowers, what are you doing to help your community stop its in house violence? Nothing will change until the community decides that enough is enough and stops permitting its youth to grow to adult hood, ignorant, untaught, with no morals, respect or tolerance.

    • Miss Latoya, I’m just as scared for mine who are the so called “privileged” White kids, because the evil of this world knows no skin color or financial status. Bless you for your faith and your post and I will be praying with you.

  • Itโ€™s probably someone that Judge Green set bail at 500 dollars for after appearing in front of his bench for their 17th felony charge.

    • SAY IT LOUDER!!! Glad I’m not the only one noticing the ridiculous little bails set for repeat and violent offenders!

    • judge green is a joke and in my opinion is an enabler of criminals in this region

  • Maybe our Alachua County Commission can steer away from a Middle East ceasefire and concentrate on Alachua County.

    • Oh, now the problem is creeping toward the rich, white side of town? Yeah, something will be done now for sure (on the NW side at least)!

  • Politicians are quick to take credit for the “Good”. Well, the Mayor and the rest of the commissioners both city and county should take responsibility for the shootings. It is their policies that allow for this type of lifestyle. Quit blaming the “Gun”. There are also plenty of jobs, so that’s not the problem. It’s the Thug, that is allowed to reside at any low income housing area. Secure these areas. If not on the lease then cancel lease for the person who allows them to reside there. Treat thugs like sex offenders. Don’t allow minor children go to the jail. It should be a place that they are afraid to go to.

    • There are NOT plenty of jobs with ANY record. I had a career for 26 years, 120k a year, masters degree. 46 yrs old got a petty theft charge for 25 value. The only criminal charge I’ve ever had in my life was a DUI 8 years ago, has a clean record in Florida. Went to court was never given an option to take a pretrial aversion program, a theft class go on probation, deferred adjudication, anything…I can’t even get a job as a pizza delivery driver, a receptionist for a gas station, I can’t get approved to work retail from minimum wage, I have had the hardest time finding a job and wound up serving tables at a two star breakfast joint. Can you imagine being a young black man that has a drug charge or a gun charge or a violent crime or anything like that or theft how much harder it is for them?????! I have been humbled and understand more why they hustle to make the money. The Gainesville is guilty of segregating low-income housing or neighborhoods that will allow backgrounds or evictions or section 8. I worked in real estate and property management for 26 years in seven different cities and most of the cities have a rule that every neighborhood has to have a certain percentage of low income housing or affordable housing. Instead Gainesville says you know you can get a one bedroom or two bedroom that’s no more than a certain amount so any landlord that doesn’t want to deal with section 8 just prices their apartment higher than that which is driven the rental rates up. So now you got a whole neighborhoods they’re all low income are all section 8 housing and these kids have grown up seeing gang activity and then they go to juvie and they get out and the OG’s Target them to do all the shootings and all the crimes ,they call them missions. So basically now your whole head has a prison mentality is running straight away like the prison like a juvie hall and then all the sudden ASO or GPD wants to make a statement and clean out that neighborhood. so village Green shuts down and redo it and try to bring in all new people. cedar ridge that kick everybody out and run them out and intimidate them and try to bring new people in. Pine ridge Way the same way. they do it over and over but guess what ? when they do that those people just move and split into the other “hood” neighborhoods and then now you have tension. The people that have lived in the neighborhood want to keep it their own and the way it is the new people coming in want to prove themselves that they’re not a p**** so they don’t get shot and they also want a piece of the pie because they had it the other neighborhood she got that going on and then you also have people running into opps as they say or people they would have not seen and stayed away from before and now they’re living in the same neighborhood . Then on top of it, every shooting involves a retaliation. When Gainesville was a part of the North Florida drug task force with the feds…. Everyone moved very carefully because they were being watched all time. now that the Alachua pulled out of the task force, GPD and ASO are in over their heads. Hence the increase in shooting and crime since January 2022 when the sheriff announced the feds were leaving town. They didn’t want that national attention..not good for UF LOL

  • No vehicle description, no suspect info. BS! The victim(s) know who the shooters were.
    Pookie & Rae-Rae don’t waste ammo on just anyone.
    They only shoot folk what need shootin.
    Welcome to the Wild West folks.

    • Street maps shows a basketball hoop set up near the roadway. And you know what kind of other activity is associated with basketball right…

  • City Commission finally has city they always wanted. Crime, rampant homelessness, and low staffed PD. Well done.

  • Instead of the should of and the blame game, what exactly is GPD doing to prevent this violence? Do your thing and work on the “social” issue to reduce violence long term. However, the acute problem we are all living in now is what needs to be addressed. I find it difficult to believe that with the minimum staffing, the PD can create special details or strike teams. If they are, other Gainesville residents are having police services taken away. What is being done, Chief Scott? What is being done, Mayor Ward? If it is a secret, it is the only one ever being kept by a government.

    • The Grand Wizard of the Lib Cuck Clan, Lauren Poe, is making us pay for our white privilege with all this crime. It’s just too bad there aren’t slimeball developers turning our neighborhoods into slums, like Poe wanted.

    • The police can’t do anything on their own without first the Chiefs approval, and the city commission approval, the city attorneys approval. None of those people will support or approve any pro-enforcement because someone’s feelings may get hurt, and that type of enforcement may actually work and destroy the city’s plan of self destruction.

  • So sad to have a shooting there, my grandparents lived in the neighborhood behind the YMCA in the mid 70’s and 80’s. It was a great place to be a kid then – very family friendly and safe. Now I suppose it will be ceded to the aggressive low IQ knuckle draggers if it hasn’t already.

  • Why do yall keep blaming GPD? Police cannot stop GUN VIOLENCE! I repeat POLICE CANNOT STOP GUN VIOLENCE. I kno this FIRST HAND. Kids are being raised into these situations. Kids are stealing guns. Kids get into school beefs, neighborhood beefs. An instead of fighting they shoot. The new generation believes in shooting. FLORIDA HAS THE TUFF-EST LAWS, AN HIGHEST PROSECUTION RATE. No matter what laws are in affect or gpd or aso on every corner nothings going to change. It starts in the neighborhoods and at home. A lot of you people arenโ€™t rooted into Gainesville to know the real problem. Not even a high bond will stop the crime or criminals an this is FACTS

    • It IS the job of the police (GPD) to enforce the law and enforce repercussions for bad behavior. I was born and raised right in the middle of mayhem in Alachua County. It didn’t used to be this way. It isn’t Florida, it is this county/city.

      • It is the job of law enforcement to enforce and take people into custody for violating laws. It is the job of State Attorney and Judges to handle the repercussions for violating the law. That is the first noticeable issue in this county. The judges and state attorney can be voted out. The second is the parents. If these kids were raised correctly they would never run across the police or the Judicial System beyond traffic tickets or other non criminal circumstances. Everyone makes mistakes but there is a huge difference in a mistake and breaking the law. Parents need to step up too. The schools need to stop this liberal BS and teach our kids. There is too much inference on CRT and not enough on education. I know that the Governor has put laws into place to keep this in check but it is still happening under the table. Case in point look at the recent issues with books at a couples of schools in this county. Again voters can oust these idiot school board folks out.

    • It’s not gun violence. Its people violence. People will use anything to harm someone else steak knives, machetes, hammers, cars, etc have been used un the past to commit violence upon people. This people violence has been endocrined into peoples minds. Look at all the stupid movies and TV shows people are watching. That’s all they did on CoVid lockdown. You are right kids have been trained and groomed to live a gangsta/thug lifestyle. They believe it’s easier to run a foul of the law, deal drugs, do drugs, rob, and steal then actually live like a human being. Parents do not care and set poor examples for their kids. Look at the criminal histories of these young people and then look at the parents criminal history. They are not far off on a lot of them. These parents rather train their kids to be thugs then raise them to be human. I have seen it first hand where parents beat their kids not for doing wrong, but for getting caught by the police. I am sick and tired of the fatherless home BS. There are plenty of kids that have been raised by a single parent and turned out just fine. All this fatherless BS is nothing more than an excuse for a thug to use to justify their crimes.

  • The children growing up now are being taught, (by example from the older kids) if you are angry at someone, instead of talking it out.. To shoot it outโ€ฆ

  • Combined City/County government appears to be the only hope for Gainesville.

    Alachua County’s Sheriff is ELECTED by the people – GPD’s Chief is SELECTED by the Regressives on the City Commission and under their thumb.

    The city commission appears to be driving our City into the ground just like they did with GRU.

    Mayor Ward, with help from former Mayor Poe and their supporters on the commission – added FUEL to the gun violence fire with their CITYWIDE drinking in the streets.

    Their recent band-aid approach of REPLACING their CITYWIDE drinking in the streets with their new so-called Huge Entertainment District drinking in the streets – along with GUTTING other Public Safety Prevention Policies over the years – does little to nothing to reduce Gun Violence and other Violent Crimes in Gainesville.

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