GPD invites public to meet candidates for Assistant Chief position

Press release from Gainesville Police Department

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Gainesville Police Department invites the community to meet the final candidates for Gainesville Police Department’s Assistant Chief of Police on Friday, May 12, from 3:30-5 p.m. at the Hall of Heroes, 545 NW 8th Avenue. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about the candidates and ask questions of them.

  • Unfortunately, I don’t think any will meet the primary qualification. Hopefully I’ll be wrong but…

    Remember “Batman”?

  • I’d ask some basic worldview, history, and civics questions:

    What is evil and where does it come from?

    What is the government’s responsibility regarding evil people and innocent people?

    Is it possible to rehabilitate evil people? If so, how?

    Who or what is the supreme legal authority?

    What was the 2A intending to protect citizens from and is it relevant today?

    Is it possible to maintain order if people are not restrained from within by religious convictions?

    Sadly, they like to hold these public meetings while the innocent, responsible people of society are usually working with the acknowledgement that there are many who fall into this category who do work different shifts and would be able to attend.

  • Ferrara and Kurnick both experienced and qualified. Flip a coin! Anything is better that T Jones still hanging around. Hope he is long gone., way over the hill.

  • A rare chance to help GPD transition into a better run and a real community oriented police force. Ferrara and Kurnick are too entrenched in the legacy mentality and will offer no real value to move GPD in a new direction. Don’t know much about Scirrotto yet. Mayo is the most qualified and can help GPD transition Scott back to retirement too. We need new blood at GPD.

  • True, it is definitely time for new leadership at GPD. Sadly that new leadership will be hamstrung by the liberals at city hall.
    Regardless of who is selected, Lonnie is still there doing the bidding of the mayor and others(Jones). Once upon a time GPD ‘used’ to be the premier place to work. The was a 6 month waiting list, oh it was grand it was.

    • Recent Matheson Museum’s Great Southern Music Hall program reminded me of GPD’s salt-&-pepper patrols. I’d be hanging out around the Music Hall when they’d come strolling by.

      I agree GPD’s glory days are long gone.

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