GPD officer treated for injuries after being bitten by suspect’s pit bull

Press release from Gainesville Police Department

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – An officer is in the emergency room being treated for injuries after arriving on the scene of a domestic battery at a home in the 1100 block of SE 2nd Avenue just after 10 p.m. and being attacked by a dog. Upon making contact with the suspect, a pit bull was released and bit the officer several times before latching onto his arm. The officer discharged his firearm at the dog in self-defense. It disengaged and ran into the backyard and was eventually secured in the house with a minor injury. The suspect was arrested and is being transported to jail.

    • Explain how a police K9 would have mattered in this scenario. The pitbull is going to fight a police K9, both dogs are going to get severely injured and the police are going to shoot the pitbull anyway.

      Do you think the pitbull is going to see the police K9 and sit down because it is being detained? Do you think the pitbull owner would not release the pit on the K9? The suspect loves chaos and brutality, that is why the police are there in the first place.

      • Probably. If you release your pitbull in an attempt to do harm you should a. first shoot the dog and b. shoot the owner. Your intent was to harm the officer and force should be met with equal or greater force.

  • Those pit bulls can be very dangerous. When they bite, they don’t won’t to let go. —Does the city have an ordinance that you have to have a permit & liability insurance for pit bulls in the city?

      • What’s racist about that? Most racists are first to scream racism. Nice not to meet you.

      • Pk: where do you get something racial out of my comment? Some municipalities have ordinances like this because pit bulls have been labeled as “dangerous”. A bit bull can mortally wound you.

        • That’s a good idea Shaquonda…the city should require a permit & liability insurance on pit bulls if they don’t already have one. This is something that the CC should address now. I personally would have shot the Pitbull in the head and killed it if it came unto my property and attacked me or grabbed my dog while walking him. I would be in fear for my life
          Or the life of my dog if a pit bull grabbed him by the neck while I was walking my dog on a leash.
          It’s strict liability in Florida when it comes to dog bites and always the wrong people own a pitbull when a tragedy happens.

          • They have been illegal to have in Miami since 1989, and every ballot measure to reverse the ban has failed. They are banned in many countries. It’s a dangerous dog favored by low-IQ owners with psychological issues. Anybody with any common sense can see that.

          • The Mayor should direct the public safety committee to investigate and come up with suggestions about : 1. requiring permits and liability insurance for pit bulls. 2. Stopping panhandling in street medians. & 3. Stop other counties from sending released inmates to Grace Mkt & limit the amount of help from Grace to 3 days or then a church must sponsor them or a bus ticket back to where they belong.

      • We already have permits for ankle biters….A rabies tag. No sane insurance company will intentionally allow a Pit on a property they insure. It is a recipe for disaster…..Racist? How?

      • Don’t know the color of your skin and don’t care, that was a really dumb, off the wall comment.

      • This just in: Dogs are bred for a purpose and pitbull terriers are bred for fighting by trash people.

      • How many ankle bitters have taken faces off? How many have killed innocent children?
        People like you are a dime a dozen. Uneducated

    • Pit bulls are a dangerous breed and cities that ban them are safer. Few owners can responsibly train the danger out of them though it’s possible to. That said, I’m in favor of a pitbull ban but not a license and insurance.

      • dog trainer – leave the poor dogs along, it was the owner who sent the dog after the police. how about a criminal ban……

        • They kill and maim people all the time. Look on YouTube for pitbull attack. You’ll find more videos that you can watch. Especially from here in Florida. It’s too bad the cop didn’t go ahead and shoot the dog owner after he tried to get his dog to kill him. The dog must be put down, obviously.

        • I like your logic let’s use the same for guns. A gun has never shot anyone on its own so when someone shoots another person let’s leave the guns alone and go after the shooter more gun laws make no sense

      • Absolutely correct. I, too, am very cautious around any large dog but our pit bull will be so happy to see you and the only danger is her fiercely wagging tail could feel like a whip. We do keep our dogs secured in our backyard and are leashed when walking. Responsible dog owners are the answer.

    • Would you say the same if it was a different breed of dog? Dogs do what is commanded by their owners, ALL dogs. Don’t blame the breed because of what the owner trains them to do.

  • Ouch! Really sorry about the dog bite…..Somebody sicced that dog on the officer. I don’t know what that crime is, but I would prosecute it aggressively. Not sure if it was the dog’s fault or not, but having bitten once it may not matter….

    • The dog should be taken and quarantined for rabies. The owner of the dog should have to pay all the costs of the dog bite. The owner should have to pay a $1000 fee to get the dog out of quarantine.

  • City Commission – help me make this make sense:

    1) An officer uses a trained, industry-standard tracking tool to find a bad guy. After the bad guy is hurt from being bit (because teeth hurt) the entire Pooch Patrol is dismantled and the city has a conniption fit.

    2. A bad guy intentionally ambushes an officer responding to a call with an untrained biting Fido. The “handler” nor Fido had any reason to think they needed to gain compliance from the officer – it was at its core an attack on law enforcement. Same as throwing hands, pepper spray or worse.

    Commission, where is the outrage? We should probably go on a “dog hunt” and round up every pooch in the city. There is no place for K9’s in Gainesville. They are obviously the problem regardless of breed. We should start with the little tiny ones the elderly walk every morning. The ones that provide them emotional support and get them out of the house. I bet they have shanks in their diamond studded collars.

    Once all of the dogs are gone are we going to hold fund raisers and press conferences for the officer that was truly an innocent victim? I mean…Bradley got that treatment. I know, I know, I know. Bradley was running AWAY from the trained law dog and this officer was running INTO danger to help when an untrained yard dog was commanded to attack him – basically the same thing, right Ms. Curry?

    Ms. Curry…Hello? Are you going to lead the charge to clean up the city streets and rid us of these awful, scary, four-legged, wild, untrained fur-babies? You did such a great job getting rid of the trained ones that did their job. Let’s get rid of rogue ones, the lazy ones, the gassy ones, I saw a three-legged one the other day – he should go too. Fair is fair, right Ms. Curry?

    Oh I do hope you read this and are able to help the city with this rampant issue. You’ve done such a good job of not deflecting our real problems by actually addressing crime and criminals. With Fido on your list of bad guys and now this…I know you will be fair and equitable across all dogs.

    Ms. Curry, do you have cats?

    • The owner don’t have pot to piss in…that’s why they need to have liability insurance like a car.

  • My neighbor used his dog to attack me and GPD explained to me that the dog was just defending his owner. No charges… but the dog was quarantined when I complained so no rabies and no “tag”. I don’t blame the dog for being trained to be vicious but the owner should have been held accountable regardless of intent or “defending”.

  • The dog was just doing what he is supposed to do. Isn’t that why ppl get big dogs? I have 2 pits and a bully. They protect me and my family…. That’s what they are for. It’s a problem when our dogs do it but it’s ok for a k9 to chew a mans eye out? Smh

    • Was the officer running and hiding from the criminal after he yelled at him to stop? Quit blaming the police for the stupidity of criminals. I hate to say it but I have no problem with the criminal losing an eye. I do have a problem if you are unable to control your dogs.

      • That’s exactly the point John. GPD handlers are not trained to use dogs as a weapon and the Bradley dog was on a leash so the bite was not necessary. Bradley will have his day in court and hopefully be held accountable.
        Tamara… you best keep your dogs under control 100% of the time. You just set yourself up for an easy win lawsuit. What if the dog goes after the child next door instead of the bad guy? No, most of us do not have dogs to attack others. Some may have them as excellent alarm systems and like the police a deterrent. Most of us have them as pets. Get a gun if you can.

          • Statistics saying pits bite more aside. Even if people really did get bit more by ankle bitters how often does a little dog put someone in intensive care?

    • If someone’s pit-bull escapes and rips your child’s face off, you are going to want to know the dog had its rabies shots and that the owners have insurance to pay for the surgeries, damages, pain & suffering, etc. Miami has an ordinance, why? Because they’ve dealt with the issue and addressed it. Now it’s our local governments job to address it.
      It’s good, it’s smart, it protects the public and assures that responsible dog owners will have them. The days of chaining up a pitbull in the backyard is over. You do that and you should go to jail.

  • The suspect should be charged with attempted murder for releasing the dog on law enforcement. The dog is obviously trained to attack on command. The suspect should be thankful the officer did not shoot him. The dog being trained to attack is nothing more than a weapon being used to assault the police.

  • Hopefully the police officers are trained to identify which responding officer has the clearest shot at the advancing dog in order to immediately kill it.

  • Maybe the county needs to make a pit-bull ordinance and draft if after the Miami Ordinance…requiring registration and proof of liability insurance will help when someone gets bit or if it kills their pet, etc.

    And of that don’t work, maybe Chuck Clemons could bring legislation in front of Desantis.

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