GPD releases more details about events leading to indecent exposure arrest

Press release from Gainesville Police Department

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – On the evening of June 28, 2022, GPD Detective Hall organized a CID Detail utilizing plain vehicles and plain clothes detectives to track a suspected indecent exposure suspect who is likely linked to approximately 15 cases this year. Det. Hall’s research dictated the date and time of the detail based on prior reports. Within an hour of starting, the detail spotted and followed the suspected vehicle occupied by John Wesley Mosley (DOB: 9/22/93).

For hours, Mosley took the detectives on an erratic drive throughout SW Gainesville, in and out of multiple student complexes, likely stalking potential victims. Finally, Mosley parked and exited his vehicle in Lexington Crossing. A few detectives got out on foot to follow him as he lingered in different breezeways by apartment doors. At one point, detectives presented themselves as unsuspecting students in an effort to draw Mosley out, however, he did not act. Finally, as two innocent victims approached their doorway, Mosley exposed himself, got the reaction he was looking for, and ran back to his vehicle. Detectives were prepared and followed Mosley out of the complex as he sped away from the scene. Patrol was called in and directed to stop the vehicle. Shortly afterwards, the victims identified Mosley for his act, resulting in Mosley being charged with two felonies (because of his prior misdemeanor conviction on the same charge).

As Det. Hall further investigates Mosley’s potential past incidents, GPD would ask that anyone with any information about Mosley or more possible incidents, please contact Det. Hall at 352-393-7663.

  • Just a matter of time before this POS rapes someone nows the time to lock him up and keep him put away he is sick

    • Don’t count on it, multiple previous arrests for the same exact thing.

  • 15 other charges for the same thing. Why is he still on the streets ?

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