GPD requesting help in investigating downtown homicide

Press release from Gainesville Police Department

On Sunday, September 5, 2021, at approximately 2:00 a.m., while patrolling the downtown area, several Gainesville Police Department (GPD) officers heard multiple gunshots near the gravel parking lot at 238 West University Avenue. Numerous vehicles and crowds of people immediately began fleeing at the sounds of gunfire.

Shortly thereafter, a victim stumbled into NW 1st Avenue, requesting help before he collapsed. GPD officers immediately pulled him behind cover and began treating his gunshot wounds using their trauma kit supplies. Other officers held cover positions while managing disturbances that were erupting in the immediate area.

The victim was treated by GPD officers until EMS responded, when they continued life-saving efforts. The victim was transported to UF Health Shands Trauma Unit, where he succumbed to his injuries.

The Gainesville Police Department’s Criminal Investigations Division is seeking the public’s help in identifying anyone involved with this incident. If you have any information relating to this incident, please immediately contact GPD Detective Sergeant David Blizzard at 352-393-7710 or GPD Detective Corporal Warren Meek at 352-393-7659. You can also remain anonymous by contacting Alachua County Crime Stoppers at 353-372- 7867 or www.stopcrime.tv.

GPD extends its deepest sympathies to the victim’s family and friends.

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  • Welcome to King Poe & his jesters idea of Gainesville.

    All you idiots, keep on believing…

    • It’s 2am downtown and “numerous vehicles and CROWDS of people immediately start fleeing at the
      Sound of gunfire”? This is a college town. —The geniuses
      At city hall need to make sure the vehicles and CROWDS are disbursed by 11pm. The bars need
      To stop serving booze by 10:30pm. If there’s no
      Food being served at the establishments, then there
      Should be no beer, wine, or liquor being served either.
      There should definitely be no open containers.

    • It happened downtown…. East of UF’s main campus.
      The city needs to make sure that their policies do not
      Create an “ATTRACTIVE NUISANCE”…this is what
      They have created with their liberal policies. All drinking
      Should have to be done indoors, no open containers.
      Last call for drinks 10:30. No crowds of people in
      Parking lot scenes. Downtown should be completely shut down by 12a.m. Except for the city street sweepers.
      The city was having problems with huge crowds of people drinking and leaving trash at Fletchers on
      NW 5th Ave a while ago…we don’t need that out of
      Control behavior. We can’t have another incident like
      This again. It’s the city’s fault for not disbursing undesirable behavior before midnight. This is a college
      Town. Parents send their kids here to go to school, not
      Get killed a few blocks from campus. Hey, city commissioners! Hold a special meeting and get this
      S#it under control fast before we have another casualty
      Of your failed policies. I’m safely in bed by 10am…
      Too bad the dead guy won’t be able to see his mom
      & dad or friends ever again….enough. You’ve got blood
      On your hands…

  • Looking at his queue cards, he says, “Come on man…It’s not the people; it’s not the drinking; it’s not the neighborhood. It’s the guns!!!”

    • Thanks..You’re good…that’ exactly what that jackass is gonna to say. You get an A+.

    • Guns don’t kill people, people kill people…students
      Need to be safe downtown and around campus…
      That area should have been quiet as a church mouse after 11pm.

  • There’s enough of a homeless population downtown thanks to current leadership, good chance at least one of them can provide information.

    Keep on believing…

    • The bums see nothing…they need to have them
      Transported to Grace Mkt along with the panhandlers…
      It’s poor leadership that’s creating this eyesore & crime.

  • This is the fourth or fifth shooting/homicide in the last couple years within one block of this one, plus drugs and weapons arrests. In the center of this High Crime area is the State Attorney’s office. Cause? Coincidence? If the SA cannot keep the streets safe within one block of his own office, where in Gainesville is safe?

  • This is confusing because the people of Gainesville are neighbors. The city commission can tell you there is no such thing as a criminal. It must be true because the mayor and commissioners are such successful people with vast amounts of problem solving ability. This is not expected from good neighbors.

    • the problem is obvious! GRAVEL PARKING LOT! Murders @ Swamp Carwash happened in the gravel parking lot near the liquor store! Now another gravel parking lot murder! Gainesville has a serious gravel-parking-lot issue!

      • George B, are you eying a commission seat? Gravel-parking lots kill people, you’re nuts! What we’ve been getting is
        The black on black crime with the stolen guns. They
        Need to get this $hit under control already.

  • >