GPD seeking burglary suspect

Press release from Gainesville Police Department

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – GPD is requesting the community’s help in locating Terry Sylvester Johnson B/M 02/18/1966. Johnson has an active warrant for business burglary and grand theft. If you are aware of Johnson’s whereabouts, please contact the non-emergency dispatch at 352-955-1818 or GPD Det. Meek at 352-872-2762. You can also remain anonymous and contact Crimestoppers at 352-372- 7867 or submit a tip online at www.stopcrime.tv.

  • Well Sly is wanted again. He just got out a couple months ago. Nice to see nothing changes.

    • Poverty plus unemployability plus mental health issues equals to incarceration

      • Has he been here since birth, 56 yrs ago? By now the “experts” in our fair college town know why. But they’d lose income or their degreed jobs if they said it.

        • He and Mr Ward were classmates… maybe Mr Ward can house him…

      • Not true. I personally know several people who choice to be homeless due PTSD or other issues. Some of them work others do not. I am proud to say that NONE. I repeat NONE has ever seen the inside of a jail cell. They live on their own, do not take government handouts, and are never a burden to anyone but themselves. Being a criminal and trying about being homeless because you are unemployable is a weak excuse. There are several people who also have mental disorders that are productive members of society. Its BS to use excuses of homelessness, drug addiction, mental disorders to say I cant work or I can be a law abiding human being.

  • Let’s bring back work camps for these lifers. Make them be productive while incarcerated. At least that way they can somehow pay back part of their debt to society.

  • What happen to the ole chain gangs? Let’s implement that again.

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