GPD seeking missing woman

Press release from Gainesville Police Department

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – We need your help locating a missing/endangered person.

Gelareh Noorbakhsh was last seen in the area of 800 SW 7th Ave on 6/14/23. Galareh sometimes uses the name “Star” and may be attempting to leave Gainesville.

Anyone who has seen or has any information is urged to call Det. Sgt. Blizzard 352-393-7710.

  • Last seen June 14th? Someone forget to press Enter before summer vacation?

    • For some people, yes, but why does it have to be against the law for them to want to find her?

  • What about the remains found in Delray Beach? The sketch looks similar…

    • Exactly I agree I just seen this and seen that post first before I seen this one it looks identical to her👀👀🫵💯

  • I believe she was reported missing back in June. She is a resident at a group home in the area. So that maybe indicating an issue for the concern (disability). I think it’s repost from GPD.

  • Please see the Delray Beach police dept as they have a woman who looks like this description that was. Found deceased in 3 suitcases 🙁

  • Sooo… That’s it? You want people to look for this woman and you give no more information than that? Like who is she? Might she be acting erratic? Will she be high as a kite? Violent? Does she have a history of running away? When did she disappear? This is the shortest article with the least amount of actual enlightening information while asking for help from strangers I’ve ever seen. 😅

  • It might help to get people actually interested in this person by telling us anything YOU might know, like was she trying to get away from someone? Where was she last seen? What was she wearing, does she do this kind of thing often? Was she in a relationshit and is she in trouble? Make people interested, for goodness’ sake. I wouldn’t know her from Adam’s housecat if I saw her in the street with that face.

  • There is a picture of a woman’s body found in suitcases in Delray Beach recently looks like her

  • Could she be the suitcase containing the body that was found in Florida?

  • She has been found and returned back to where she came from.I feel sorry for her but I also feel a lot better now because she can get the help she needs…

  • Thank God I had to get her back to her loved ones I’m sure they’re going to be thankful…so God bless them and I hope she gets cleaned up.

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