GPD to hold Open House highlighting new Public Service Academy


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Gainesville Police Department will host an Open House from 9 a.m. to noon on Saturday, January 14, to provide information about the Public Service Academy that will start on February 21 at Santa Fe College. The Open House will be held in the 700 block of NW 6th Street.

The Public Service Academy provides paid training that can progress to programs that provide certifications and degrees, leading to employment in law enforcement, fire/rescue, EMS, or utility service with the City of Gainesville. High school seniors, recent graduates, and young adults who are looking for a meaningful career or have a passion to help the community are encouraged to apply.

Although there is no guarantee of employment, the program will give participants an opportunity to obtain full-time employment through participation in Progression-Through-Training curricula for each discipline.

The City of Gainesville will pay wages of $15 per hour to people who qualify and attend the Public Service Academy training session for the first month and will continue to pay for ten hours per week, 520 hours per year, at $15 per hour.

The Academy starts on Tuesday, February 21, and graduation will be on Tuesday, March 14. For more information, applicants can contact tanisha.byars@sfcollege.edu or call 352-381-7294.

  • Great idea. Get paid over $7000 with possibly no job offer or obligation to accept an employment offer. Perhaps they should also include a relocation stipend so once “certified” the recruits” are free to go work in another jurisdiction and go where all the ones that have already left the city/county. I’m sure, even with Ed Book being the on scene cheerleader and final word on who gets hired as he meets and greets every recruit with special additional incentives he will propose as a city commissioner to continue funding the “recruits” for an indefinite time while they play the system. Mr. Book has created a serious conflict of interest for holding two offices in violation of Florida statutes and this just muddies the water a little more. In my opinion, there goes the “integrity” he said he would bring to the commission if elected. The next era of disfunction and conflict at city hall is underway. Same as it ever was…

    • I believe Chief Book, S71, retired Captian from GPD, and current Chief of Police is smart enough to know if he is in violation of a Florida statute… sheesh.

      • Well Gwen… we’ll find out. An ethics complaint has been filed on the issue with the state (no, it wasn’t me). I guess you also believe anything anyone in power says… sad. Trust but verify. Do some homework and keep opinions where they belong. Hint: opinions don’t really count when it comes to our laws except those that come from the courts or laws would be useless.

  • “High school seniors, recent graduates, and young adults who are looking for a meaningful career or have a passion to help the community are encouraged to apply.”

    Age discrimination much? Why isn’t it open to all ages? GPD is at what…44 vacancies and GRU cannot keep enough meter readers employed to even get accurate reads or bills out to many customers…seems to be a GREAT time to add age discrimination to their growing list of bullshite. SMDH

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