GPD to host “A Night of Compassion” on Friday

Press release from Gainesville Police Department

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Members of the Gainesville Police Department, Gainesville U.N.I.T.ED, have dedicated this month of December to gun violence awareness. We have collaborated with our neighbors to bring awareness to gun violence with the goal and focus on education, engagement, and mobilization towards reducing gun violence in our community.

On Friday, December 16, 2022, at 5:00 p.m., we will conclude the week of events with “A Night
of Compassion.” This event will be a night of prayer and remembrance, which will take place outside of the Clarence R. Kelly Center, located at 1701 NE 8th Avenue. The program will include a welcoming, prayer, Chief Scott’s remarks, family and friends’ reflections, a moment of silence, closing, and benediction. The program will conclude at 6:00 p.m.

We wish to honor the victims that have lost their lives due to gun violence within Alachua County. We cordially invite all families and friends of those lost to gun violence, along with our neighbors, to join us in full for this special event. We are asking our neighbors to wear orange as it symbolizes the color of gun violence.

  • It may prove to be more successful if they held it around 1 or 2 a.m. closer to a Wawa, the downtown area or even off SW 20th.
    They may not have a huge turnout but at least the police presence would be close by.

  • Oh, PUH-LEEZ, gimme a break! This problem is endemic with the community, the glorification of violence and hyper-sexualization in the vulgar rap music, children forced to attend failing schools with no choice, fatherless families, etc., etc.

    This is NOT “gun” violence, that’s a cop-out and a refusal to identify the REAL causes of this horrible violence (as listed above).

    • Well I don’t think rap music plays a part, if that’s the case all music does right!! Because I don’t think the ones who shoots up schools, churches, molesting children, etc. listens to rap music or attended a failing school. Those people are just like you. Closed minded, arrogant, self centered.. with heads in the rear!! Full of stanky stuff!! All because ANYONE LISTENS TO MUSIC OF THERE CHOICE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH GUNS THAT END UP IN THE WRONG HANDS!! Seems like good brains ends up in the wrong heads. Quote.. unquote..

      • I was brought up with the belief that if you don’t have a solution, then you’re part of the problem.

        Lack of a two parent nuclear family with solid principles and morality is sorely missing, and it’s being used by the BLM idiots to destroy the black community.
        Go ahead and deny it, while demanding more handouts from the government.

        The Only people who support this warped ideology are the lazy, while being supported by the guilt riddled woke Karen’s.

      • I think they’re talking about gangster/gangsta rap and the violent lifestyle. Not all “rap music.” I can see why you would take exception to that.

    • The Rap Musicians are the heroes of these young people. Of course they want to emulate them and their lifestyle.

  • I’m not sure how much impact this event will have; but no harm can come from prayer. Our younger generations need God in their lives. I never accomplished much material success in life. But I take pride in having a good moral character. It was going to church and prayer that gave me everything. I’ll attend this event.

  • Hopefully the churches are getting involved more year round. Not just during Souls to Polls.

  • If only we would show some ‘respect’ for their culture of gang violence, abandoning and not supporting their own children, and apparently no motivation to improve themselves. Just blame the gun and pay reparations and all will be well again. Right??

  • Instead of a night of compassion, bring back the undercover tactical SOU units and allow them to conduct pro-active operations to rid the thugs from the streets. This progarm should be called, Take Back the Streets! Compassion my butt, these punks have no compassion for their victims! Quit the coddling of those thugs and clear the streets of them.

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