GPD: Weekly Gator STEP data

Press release from Gainesville Police Department

The following data reflects citations, warnings, and tickets issued by the Gainesville Police Department (GPD) on West University Avenue over the priod February 15-22, 2021. This data is part of GPD’s Gator STEP (Special Traffic Enforcement Program).

After 30 days of Gator STEP, GPD’s focus remains on West University Avenue from 34th Street to 13th Street. There will be no change in enforcement along SW 34th Street, SW 13th Street, or SW Archer Road, but GPD will no longer release those weekly stats as there remains little/no change on those roadways.

Additionally, GPD, through a generous donation from the Basketball Cop Foundation, will be handing approximately 200 reflective vests and 200 (bicycle) safety lights to our Gainesville neighbors over the next week. This equipment will be a great asset to our neighbors in our community-wide effort to maintain safe roadways.

If any of our neighbors have ideas or questions they’d like to share with GPD concerning Gator STEP, please feel free to contact us at: gpdpio@cityofgainesville.org

  • “No longer releasing stats”? It’s not like they were identifying the violators. Maybe they don’t want to actually publicize what the “other” actually was.

    Maybe the real cause of traffic accidents around the University Ave area is better kept confidential because they don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings.

  • That was very good of the Basketball Cop Foundation, but, I’ll be surprised if that stuff they donated actually gets used much at all.
    The students aren’t going to walk around in those vests. They just aren’t…
    And the ll tail lights are probably not high quality, long lasting ones, and students are rarely seen sporting rear lights on their bikes. I HOPE they will use them, but, I think what’s really needed is more education. Compelling, edgy, interesting billboards and signage might help. Social media campaigns aimed at the vulnerable users, (pedestrians and cyclists,) and at the the vehicle drivers might raise awareness. And keeping a police presence in that area intermittently will probably help a lot too.

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