GRACE Marketplace resident accused of trying to burn down an occupied home


Natalie Noel Lewis, 26, was arrested early this morning and charged with arson of an occupied dwelling after setting fire to pallets just outside a home.

According to the arrest report, two witnesses said they saw Lewis set fire to wood pallets that were within a foot of an occupied residence in the 2800 block of NW 6th Street, walk away, then return and appear to add something to it to make the flame bigger. The witnesses reported that they saw her do this at least three times before leaving the area.

Law enforcement responded quickly and tried to stomp out the fire before retrieving a fire extinguisher from a patrol car and putting it out. The officer wrote that “the proximity and size of the flame” would have caused the fire to spread to the home without intervention from law enforcement.

Lewis was detained and reportedly had four lighters in her possession. Post Miranda, she reportedly denied starting a fire but admitted to being in the area. Lewis’ address is listed as GRACE Marketplace. She is being held on $25,000 bail.

Articles about arrests are based on reports from law enforcement agencies. The charges listed are taken from the arrest report and/or court records and are only accusations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

  • WTF is wrong with GRACE? Why don’t they screen residents before letting just any psycho stay there? St. Francis and Salvation Army do. Is it because Rodney Long time Dem leader was a charter board member of GRACE, to help advertise his bail bonds biz to new residents?

    • “The 10 year plan to end homelessness”…ha!
      “ build it and they will come”….we’re getting loaded
      Up with vagrants, panhandlers, criminals, and
      Mental patients…what’s Poe & co gonna do? We
      Gotta crime & vagrant pandemic and the CC needs
      To fix it ASAP…law enforcement needs to stop &
      Bring them to Grace or jail while a sanitation team collects
      Their Loads of crap in shopping carts and “puts it in the can gator fan”…create a deferred prosecution program that sends them
      Out of Alachua county and if they come back then
      Jail & fine. Come on Poe & co, be superhero’s and
      Quarantine the bums back to where they came from.
      Use American rescue funds and rescue GNV.

      • Exactly, and the new Duval-Waldo rec center will foster even more hassles for GPD to deal with. No wonder nobody wants to work here.

  • These are great comments. Could you please link to the organizations you’ve created or are involved with that are contributing to solving our community’s problems in measurable ways?

    • Kenny. We got elected officials that are supposed to
      Run the city efficiently. Police, fire, parks, & roads.
      Instead we got new world order fascists wearing
      Masks and pushing shots and CO2 regulation.
      And lgbwxyz on children in schools. Gender identity
      Mental illness.

    • Uh…. I’d go with the Republican Party, Kenny, since it’s now painfully obvious that Democrats can never be trusted again. That’s assuming we don’t all starve to death or get nuked by the next election. Hordes of vagrants, mental patients, old pedophiles, criminals, and other moochers who came here from all over because the “We Are Suckers” neon sign was lit up by local Democrats are not part of “our community.” Shut down Grace Marketplace, obviously, since it is very defective and harmful to our actual community.

      • ….and Grace was pitched as “the 10 year plan
        To end homelessness” which It didn’t do. So, now
        It needs to sunset. It didn’t work, it’s making things
        Worse. —Let the churches help their fellow man.
        There’s that universal universalists church on NW17th st & NW 5th Ave that is getting political with their signage in violation of their 501c3 tax status.
        They got a sign that’s says “ everyone welcome” , besides the BLM sign, something in Arabic, and “we say gay & trans” banner at their front entrance.
        … Send all the miscreants there. Let them stay inside
        24/7 for refuge and use the facilities to clean up. Plenty of room inside for a 100 easy with sleeping bags…are they doing it? No. Hypocrites & church of

        • Thanks for the thoughtful replies. Are you all personally involved in work that directly impacts and improves the lives of the people in our community who are suffering? I’m curious about your individual engagement.

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