GRACE Marketplace resident arrested for allegedly stealing MacBook Pro from shelter


Ernest Lamar Johnson, 65, was arrested Thursday morning and charged with unarmed burglary of an unoccupied structure, grand theft, dealing in stolen property, and entering false information on a pawn transaction form.

According to the arrest report, a MacBook Pro laptop valued at $3,000 was stolen from an office at GRACE Marketplace between noon and 1:00 p.m. on Tuesday, March 8. The next day, the CPU from that laptop was pawned for $125.

Post Miranda, Johnson reportedly admitted to taking the laptop, selling the CPU to the pawn shop, and falsely stating on the pawn slip that the CPU was his.

Johnson is on probation from a January 24, 2022, guilty adjudication on a drug possession charge. He is being held on $70,000 bail.

Articles about arrests are based on reports from law enforcement agencies. The charges listed are taken from the arrest report and/or court records and are only accusations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

  • Isn’t that the house that Poe built? Since he lives there his defense is he was borrowing it.

    Poe and Co., keep building and the crime will keep coming. The crime, slime, grime and everything else.

    Thanks Lauren Poe!

    • “Build it and they will come”…wasn’t Grace “the crime
      & vagrant” marketplace supposed to be the the cure-all
      And end homelessness in 10 years? Instead it turned
      Out to be a bum magnet and make things worse…”the unintended consequences of government intervention”…
      Aren’t the churches supposed to be helping their fellow
      Man with those mega churches that are tax free and then they sell their land to developers to build affordable housing-on with drive-thrus? Can Lauren Poe do something about the vagrants in GNV panhandling in the
      Medians before they start getting hit by city buses? Panhandling in street medians is a public safety hazzard. The streets of GNV are turning into “one flew
      Over the coo coos nest” with the invited crime & mental
      Illness…take your face mask off Poe so you can smell
      The shiz you invited to our college town. Come one, come all to our liberal bum sanctuary city so we can
      Provide affordable housing to all for free at taxpayers’
      Expense. How about those raising rents because of
      That landlord ordinance? Shouldn’t you be talking about
      Rent control with your commie hammer & cycle friends
      So you can keep rents low & affordable? Get rid of Grace Mkt and give
      The bums a ticket out of town on the hound…

  • What does Grace Mkt do with a $3000 MacBook that
    You can’t do with a $175 Chromebook? How many
    Residents are at Grace? If Grace worked, we’d have
    Zero vagrants by now. They shouldn’t accept criminals
    & vagrants from everywhere to receive benefits from
    Alachua county taxpayers. It’s not fair. Zero tolerance
    On street median panhandling now! The help should
    Be limited and temporary at Grace Mkt and for Alachua County residents
    Only who need temporary help…”give em an inch and
    they’ll take a yard”. What ever happened to personal
    Responsibility? Let this macbook thief go
    For equity…he can’t assimilate into society
    Because of slavery or some other shiz. Isn’t that the
    Equity argument???

  • If this bozo was smart enough to disassemble a MacBook and remove the CPU, he’s certainly smart enough to get a job. And if the pawn shop owner was stupid enough to buy a CPU, I’d like to sell him my wife’s “diamond” ring that I got in a box of Cracker Jacks!!?? There is more to this story than meets the eye.

  • Here he is getting arrested in Orlando almost exactly two years ago, for suspicion of burglary….
    He’s a perfect example of what you get when you put out the “All Vagrants Welcome” sign. Chances are he has gotten away with other crimes since he’s been here. As far as the CPU, it’s not modular. You’d have to ‘unsolder’ it from the mainboard of the laptop (definitely doesn’t make sense at all).

  • Q: why won’t GRACE screen clients like St. Francis House does? A: it was established by a bail bondsman (Rodney Long) who wanted his clients to have a place to stay until a judge sees them. Fact.

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