GRU bill lands on Governor’s desk

Courtesy Office of Governor Ron DeSantis


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – CS/HB 1645, a bill sponsored by Rep. Chuck Clemons that would put Gainesville Regional Utilities governance in the hands of a governor-appointed authority, has been sent to Governor Ron DeSantis by the legislature.

The bill is one of 26 bills that were sent to the governor this morning; he has until June 29 to sign them, veto them, or let them become law without his signature.

  • It’s about time even if the rates don’t come down at least none of my money will be supporting the idiot left wing ideology of wokeville

    • Gru will be able to keep the long gone money transfers that Gainesville is addicted to. Add the overhead haircut the new board will oversee ,rates will come down.
      GRU may or may not pull out of the devastating hole Loren Poe and associates dug for them. Time will tell but the odds are insolvency is inevitable.

      • What has proven to be devastating was Poe & Co’s daddies not pulling out long ago.

  • Finally, a check for the local idiots’ imbalances.

    Just hope the liberal lemmings are reading this, you’re partly to blame for continually voting for the liberal lunatics who created the financial chasm we now find ourselves in. You continued to enable them.

    It may not be better, may not be the best. One thing’s for certain – it can’t get much worse.

    • I agree that it would be difficult for it to be worse.

      Sadly, most will keep voting for the same types of radical democrats, because they’ve fled from the truth, being blinded by decades of lies.

      It’s easier to continue to do what “feels” right than do the hard work of admitting that what feels right is actually destructive, much of the time, and then correcting course.

  • Great news, only 2 more weeks to go. The real celebration will come if/when our governor removes the current Gainesville City Commissioners from office and installs responsible adults instead.

    Otherwise, we all know what is going to happen–the GCC are going to punish us mere peasants severely for opposing them by raising property taxes and eliminating the few govt spending items many are in favor of (like road repair) while keeping their “essential” items like Grace Marketplace Felony Factory, rainbow roads, catering and travel (vacation) budget for GCC, etc.

    The city commission is addicted to GRU ratepayer money, and like all junkies the withdrawal is not going to be pretty. We need protection from their inevitable retaliation against the citizens of Gainesville.

    • I don’t live in the city just outside thank god
      I don’t see wokeville being anything but a wannabe San Francisco, LA, Seattle Washington just another run down democratic city at least GRU customers outside the city will not have to fund it any longer i do feel sorry for the few logical thinking citizens of Wokeville we all know the property tax raise is coming no way will the idiots on the City Commission give up their ideological ideals

  • I don’t live there so I don’t have a dog in that fight. However look what he did to Disney which ran smoothly for 50 years. Hopefully when he replaces your board it won’t be jumping out of the frying pan into the fire.

  • For those of you who didn’t/don’t want the interference of a Republican run state government, think about this. Our local run Democrat governments (county, city and school board) have in the last 15 years:
    Raised taxes to the highest level in this part of the state, highest electric rates in the state, attracted a horrendous homeless population, allowed panhandling, worst roads in the area, below average public schools and getting worse. Is this what the citizens here really want? I hope not.

    • That’s what Democrat voters call “equity.” Their vision is to bring Gainesville down to the levels of Portland, San Francisco and the like.

  • To give one possible answer to some comments here about how Gainesville could possibly keep electing the same flavor of leadership is pretty much in plain view.

    It’s all about selling the new liberal perception. GRU customers are not the victims. The City Commission is the real victim and if Gainesville wants to get even with the big bad state it should re-elect everyone because who makes a better leader than one who imagines himself/herself being a victim?

    It truly is difficult to accept grown adults act this way.

    Arguing with drunks, babies, and activists is still better than electing them which Gainesville voters, hopefully, will consider in the next election cycle.

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