GRU rate and fuel adjustment increases lead to 20.5% bill increase over 3 months

Photo by Robert Linder on Unsplash


Gainesville Regional Utilities (GRU) will raise the Electric Fuel Adjustment charge on December 1 for the second month in a row, adding to the increased rates from October 1 and increasing the total electric bill, including taxes, for 1000 kWh from $135.93 in September 2021 to $163.77 in December 2021.

A video sent out by GRU to customers states that the charge is an adjustment based on the cost of natural gas that is used in GRU’s electric generating plants. GRU says it is a “pass-through” charge that adjusts for gas prices “that are soaring worldwide.” The video also says that the increases are being spread over months in which electricity usage is lower and that they are using the biomass plant more instead of the natural gas plants.

Residential electric rates went up on October 1, 2021, from $0.0745/kWh to $0.0797/kWh for the first 850 kilowatt-hours (Tier 1) and from $0.0987/kWh to $0.1056/kWh for usage over 850 kWh (Tier 2). The Electric Fuel Adjustment charge in September was $0.03/kWh, and it increased to $0.04/kWh in November and $0.05/kWh in December. The Electric Customer Charge also increased from $15/month to $16/month on October 1.

The result is a 20.5% increase in the total electric bill for a household using 1000 kWh/month and a 20.3% increase for a household using 750 kWh/month. The increase just since October has been over 14% for all households.

The Purchased Gas Adjustment, a similar adjustment for natural gas users, increased from $0.023 to $0.038 on November 1 and will increase again to $0.05 on December 1.

Electric rates are set by the Gainesville City Commission, while GRU sets the fuel adjustment charges.

In an email to the Gainesville City Commission, GRU General Manager Ed Bielarski wrote, “GRU will continue to evaluate fuel costs based on actual and projected expenses and anticipates the need for further increases as we enter the winter months, when cold weather typically drives up the price of natural gas, coal and oil.”

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  • INFLATION IS HERE – Natural gas prices have been racing higher and are now 99% higher year-to-date, on combination of supply concerns and rising demand. Natural gas is expected to keep rising, and if there is an especially cold winter, Goldman Sachs analysts see the potential for another doubling of price. The jump in prices will impact some consumers who use it for heat, and utilities and companies that use it in production processes. So the price of nearly everything will be inflationary even though there is a plentiful supply of natural gas. This sounds more like a drop in the value of the dollar.

    • Inflation? Yes! And That was the result of paying people not to work and it redistributed the wealth.

  • Damn glad I have solar (first started in 2006, and expanded a few times since) and Tesla batteries. No billable electric use for me for the last 3 years. Ready for my electric car, and more solar panels. Now to get those service charges to go away…would need a lot more batteries.

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    • wastewater was “capped” @ January & February usage rates to avoid paying sewage fee on water used outdoors
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  • Maybe if the City, County, State and Federal customers actually paid late fees, that would help? UF, Santa Fe, City buildings, County Buildings, the VA hospital….. All exempt from late fees. That’s right, you get charged a late fee if you can’t pay on time but the government exempts themselves from those rules. 27-14, City ordinances.

    (e)In addition to other rates and charges established by this chapter, a service charge in accordance with the schedule set out in Appendix A shall be assessed as a late fee on any combined statement not paid in full by the close of business 22 days after being rendered. The United States of America, the State of Florida, and all political subdivisions, agencies, boards, commissions, and instrumentalities thereof, are exempt from the payment of the late fee imposed and levied thereby.

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